Most people wish they could change at least one thing about their smile, whether that be the color of their teeth, the alignment of their teeth, their overbite, or the size of their gums. For some people, these things greatly impact their confidence and self-esteem, while others might think of them as a minor inconvenience. Whatever the case may be, there are many options available to improve the appearance of your smile.

At Trillium Dental, we offer a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to help patients get their dream smile. And the best part is, it’s all customizable! Learn more about our smile makeovers below, and contact us today to book an appointment at one of our eight dental clinics across Ottawa.


When patients come to us for a smile makeover, they are usually interested in two or more cosmetic dental treatments. For example, it is very common for patients to want straighter, whiter teeth, so our dentists perform both types of treatment in one appointment. In this case, we’ll get you fitted for Invisalign® trays, or “clear braces,” in addition to providing a professional teeth whitening treatment. We also offer take-home teeth whitening kits, so we can provide those for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own bed or couch. Here are a few of the other cosmetic dental treatments we are able to offer as part of our smile makeovers:

  • Porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are a great option for patients who want to improve both the color and shape of their teeth. These wafer-thin tooth veneers can be placed on top of the natural teeth to create a more desirable look. They cover up tooth stains, cracks, and chips, and they can be customized to your ideal tooth shape.
  • Inlays/onlays. Inlays and onlays are often used as a more aesthetic alternative to traditional metal tooth fillings. These white fillings are made out of porcelain that matches the color of your surrounding natural teeth, so they integrate well while providing strong and durable reinforcement.
  • Dental bonding. Dental bonds are a versatile cosmetic dental treatment that can be used to cover up tooth stains, fill cavities, and reduce gaps between the teeth. Dental bonding allows cosmetic dentists to integrate other treatments, like dental veneers, inlays, and onlays with the natural teeth seamlessly.
  • Gum contouring. Many people have what is commonly referred to as a “gummy smile,” which is when your gums rest lower on your teeth and make them appear shorter. Our dentists can sculpt your gums to reveal more of your teeth while evening out the gumline. This cosmetic dental treatment is non-invasive with very little swelling and bleeding. In fact, there is hardly any downtime required after a gum contouring procedure.


In many of our smile makeovers, one or more restorative dental treatments are combined with cosmetic treatments to create a perfect smile. Sometimes, patients come to us with a tooth that has been knocked out due to an injury or tooth decay. When a tooth cannot be fixed with a cavity filling, dental bond, or any other minor restoration, often a tooth replacement is required. Here are the restorative dental treatments we can include in our smile makeovers:

  • Root canals. Root canal procedures are performed when a patient has a tooth that is infected, which results in persistent toothaches, tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, and even missing teeth in extreme cases. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you might need to have a root canal incorporated into your smile makeover so that the infected tooth can be fully restored.
  • Dental crowns. Once the root canal is complete and the infected “pulp” of the tooth has been removed, your dentist will “cap” the tooth with a white dental crown. This technique is both restorative and cosmetic, as it protects the brittle tooth from becoming damaged while providing a beautiful porcelain covering that looks perfectly natural.
  • Dental bridges. If a patient has a missing tooth or a severely damaged tooth that cannot be restored, a dental bridge may be necessary. A dental bridge refers to a partial denture with one or more dental implants that are permanently screwed into the underlying jawbone. These implants look and function like real teeth, restoring functionality and aesthetics to your smile.


Now that you know a little more about our smile makeovers, we invite you to reflect on your smile. If you could change anything about your mouth, what would it be? Would you have perfectly straight teeth? Would your teeth be free of coffee stains and tooth cracks? Would you fill in that missing tooth that got knocked out during a soccer game? Whatever the case, our dentists are here to give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Contact us today for more information, or book an appointment at one of our dental offices in Ottawa.



Here in Ottawa, there are many cosmetic dentists to choose from if you’re looking to get your teeth whitened, have a chipped tooth covered up, or invest in a total smile makeover. However, not all cosmetic dental practices are the same, and some offer better services than others. That being said, here’s what to look for in a cosmetic dentist:


The first things to consider when looking for a cosmetic dentist are their experience and credentials. The best cosmetic dentists have years, if not decades, of experience performing a range of cosmetic dentistry services in an established dental practice. They’ll have obtained a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at a reputable dental school, such as McGill University or the University of Western Ontario. Before you choose just any cosmetic dentist, read up on their background to find out how long they’ve been practicing and what their main focus is.


In addition to a quality education and years of experience, reputable cosmetic dentists will also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services using industry-leading tools and technology. At Trillium Dental, we do everything from Zoom! whitening and porcelain veneers to dental bonding, gum contouring, ceramic inlays and onlays, and more. We even offer complete smile makeovers for patients who want to change multiple things about the appearance of their mouth, such as reducing a “gummy smile” and whitening teeth in one appointment.


If you’re torn between two or more cosmetic dentists, take a look at their reviews online or call and ask for referrals. At the end of the day, what really matters is the quality of service you receive, and you want a cosmetic dentist that has your best interests in mind. Look for a dentist that has a track record of happy patients who appreciate the care that goes into their dental work. Anyone else just isn’t worth it!


At Trillium Dental, our family dentists pride themselves on providing quality dental care for all of our patients. We use the latest tools and technology for every dental treatment, and we are always educating ourselves to stay on top of best practices. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist you can trust, contact Trillium Dental today or book an appointment with us online!



These days, there are thousands of different teeth whitening kits and treatments to choose from, making it hard to determine how to safely and effectively whiten your teeth at home. For example, there are natural teeth whitening treatments that involve baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, there are over-the-counter teeth whitening products, like Crest Teeth Whitening Strips, and there are do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth whitening kits that utilize teeth whitening gel and a blue light. Some methods work better than others, and often, it’s worth it to schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment with your dentist. However, at Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we offer both in-clinic and take-home teeth whitening kits, so here are a few tips and tricks for teeth whitening at home.


The first step in ensuring that you get the best teeth whitening product available is by doing a little research. Look up dentist-approved teeth whitening kits online, or give your family dentist a call to see what method they recommend. More often than not, your local dental clinic will have some form of take-home teeth whitening kit for you to try, so you can drop by anytime or pick one up at your next dental exam. If you’re planning on ordering a teeth whitening kit online, be sure to also check out customer reviews and read the safety label before making your purchase.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when doing teeth whitening at home is that they don’t allocate enough time to get it done. In most cases, teeth whitening gel should sit on your teeth for an hour, and many teeth whitening products say to repeat this process every day for a week or more until you’ve reached the desired results. So, if you’re getting ready for a wedding, graduation, or some other special event, don’t leave your teeth whitening until the last minute. If the instructions say to do a series of one-hour increments, start the week prior to your event so you learn how to whiten teeth safely and know what to expect.


It is not uncommon for people to experience some gum irritation and tooth sensitivity when they do teeth whitening at home — after all, you’re not a dental professional with years of experience whitening patients’ teeth. So, take your time, read the instructions, and only apply the teeth whitening gel to the surface of your teeth, making sure not to get it all over your gums. If your teeth or gums become sensitive during the treatment, gently remove the gel completely and try again later. The good news is that even when it is removed, most teeth whitening gels will continue to lighten your teeth for up to an hour, so even if you only fit in a half hour of whitening, you may see some results.


If there’s one final piece of advice to leave you with, it’s to not overdo it when whitening your teeth at home. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll likely see results without having to do anything extra. Often, people think that the longer they leave the teeth whitening gel on their pearly whites, the whiter their teeth will get. This is true, but leaving the gel on too long is not good for your teeth, and it can result in heightened gum and tooth sensitivity. It is also worth noting that many dentists and doctors recommend that pregnant or nursing women do not use teeth whitening treatments, as is the case for people with dental problems, porcelain veneers, or any other kind of cosmetic dental work. Teeth whitening gel does not lighten dental crowns or composite bonding, so these may need to be replaced to match the color of your newly whitened teeth.


If you’re looking for the best teeth whitening treatments in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place! At Trillium Dental, we offer in-clinic teeth whitening treatments that’ll leave you with a beautiful white smile in an hour. In fact, patients’ teeth are up to nine shades whiter after just one teeth whitening appointment with us! Call us today to schedule your next teeth whitening treatment and experience the difference of professional cosmetic dentistry services like Zoom!® whitening.

Of course, we realize that some patients would rather whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own home, which is why we also offer take-home teeth whitening kits that are safe, effective, and approved by our sedation dentist. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to use! Contact us to learn more, or visit Trillium Dental in Kanata, Downtown Ottawa, Orleans, Alta Vista, Stittsville, Stittsville West, or the Bayshore or Westgate Mall to pick up a teeth whitening kit today!



Porcelain veneers are frequently used in the world of cosmetic dentistry, as they offer a quick, painless, and affordable solution to many aesthetic dental concerns. At Trillium Dental, we are pleased to offer porcelain veneers at each of our eight dental clinics in Ottawa, including Alta Vista, Downtown Ottawa, Stittsville, and the Bayshore and Westgate Malls. From our team of family dentists and dental hygienists, here’s what you need to know about porcelain veneers!


Though this may seem obvious, the main benefit of porcelain veneers is that they can greatly improve the appearance of your teeth. So, what are veneers, exactly? Dental veneers are very thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the teeth in order to cover up cosmetic imperfections, such as cracked or chipped teeth, yellow teeth, or teeth that are not shaped to your satisfaction. These tooth cover-ups are also incredibly discreet, given most dental offices offer a variety of different shades of white veneers, so you can choose the one that best matches your ideal tooth color. The end result is a beautiful, white smile in no time!


Another great thing about dental veneers is that they can be customized for each individual dental patient. As previously mentioned, our dentists will work with you to determine which shade of white you’d like your new teeth to be, as well as which imperfections you want to cover up. Got a chipped tooth that drives you crazy? Porcelain veneers can smooth it over, leaving the tooth looking good as new. Tired of having stained teeth from tobacco, cola, medications, or drinking coffee every morning? Porcelain veneers offer an effortless alternative to at-home teeth whitening kits, and they are sometimes even cheaper than using professional teeth whitening gel at your local dental clinic, depending on your dental insurance coverage.


Despite being extremely thin, porcelain veneers are strong and long-lasting — that is, unless you take a baseball bat to the face, trip and fall on the sidewalk, or bite into something hard, like a jawbreaker candy. Because of this, you won’t have to walk on eggshells with your newly covered teeth, but do keep in mind that they can break if enough force is applied or if you grind your teeth at night. Fortunately, if one of your porcelain veneers does chip or break, this is easy for our family dentists to touch up when you visit us in Ottawa.


There’s nothing better than being able to smile from ear to ear without hesitation, and porcelain veneers can help you regain confidence in your smile if you’ve been holding back due to insecurities. Whether you’ve been battling with yellow teeth and have tried all the teeth whitening strips at the drugstore or you’ve got a tooth crack that’s driving you nuts, porcelain veneers offer the perfect cosmetic dentistry solution to get your confidence back up. If you’re interested in learning more about dental veneers or any of our other cosmetic dentistry options, such as white fillings, dental crowns, or complete smile makeovers, contact us today or book an appointment online at Trillium Dental in Ottawa!



If you’re like most people, you’d love to have perfectly white teeth without having to do anything to maintain the beautiful shine of your pearly whites, but for many people, this is simply not a reality. There are many factors that play into the color of your teeth and their overall appearance, including your oral hygiene habits, quality of dental care, and, you guessed it: your diet.

At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we offer professional teeth whitening treatments and take-home teeth whitening kits for patients who wish to improve the color of their teeth, and our Zoom! whitening procedure has proven to whiten teeth up to nine shades in an hour-long session at our family dental clinic. However, if you’re wondering how to whiten teeth without using teeth whitening gel or DIY teeth whitening techniques, avoid smoking cigarettes and limit your consumption of these five foods:


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but coffee and black tea consumption is one of the leading causes of stained teeth among adults — particularly college students and working adults. This is because the dark color and acidity of coffee and dark tea can cause the teeth to absorb some of it, resulting in tooth discoloration and unsightly yellow teeth stains over time. The more coffee, chai tea, and English breakfast tea you drink, the more susceptible you are to experiencing some level of tooth discoloration, so if you’re wondering how to keep your teeth white without giving up these delicious drinks, consider using a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth.


Again, we hate to be the one to break it to you, but wine is another culprit of yellowing teeth. Like coffee and black tea, red wine is high in sugar and acid content, in addition to being a dark beverage, which creates the perfect environment for tooth staining. Though white wine is light in color, its sugar and acidic properties still put you at risk of staining your teeth. This is because the acid in grapes, oranges, and many other citrus fruits latches onto your teeth and begins to eat away at the tooth enamel if it is not removed via brushing and flossing. Drinking wine through a straw, no matter how “dorky” it may be, is the best way for winos to avoid staining their teeth, and luckily, there are many different wine straws available online!


The same logic applies to citrus fruits and dark berries. Though these delicious treats contain high levels of vitamin C, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy, balanced diet, they are not the best for your teeth. This goes back to the high sugar and acid content in wine and citrus fruits, which love to hang out on the tooth surface, causing tooth yellowing, stains, and uneven tooth discoloration. Our dentists certainly aren’t here to tell you to cut fruit and veggies out of your diet, so if there’s one tooth-staining food category that you should be sure to include, it’s colorful fruit and veggies!


Tomatoes are another healthy food that are not so great for your teeth, as the dark red color and acid in these tasty veggies (or fruits?) take a particular liking to your tooth enamel. Plus, tomatoes are a popular ingredient that is found in a wide variety of cuisines, from Italian food, like ravioli and spaghetti, to popular Mexican dishes and American condiments like ketchup. This makes it harder to avoid including tomatoes in your diet, so if you’re really concerned about tomatoes staining your teeth, cut down on this veggie when you can and be sure to brush your teeth after eating a dish that includes tomatoes or pasta sauce.


As if you needed another reason to eliminate candy, soda, and sugary sports drinks from your diet, consider the negative effect they have on your teeth. Dark colas are particularly notorious for contributing to tooth discoloration, given that the dark color, when combined with the chemicals and added sugar, can cause your teeth to yellow with time. Because of these unnatural chemicals and excessive amounts of sugar, soda and candy are some of the worst things you can put in your body, period. So, if you’re looking for a natural teeth whitening method, do your body a favor and cut soda out of your diet, as well as other detrimental chemicals like those found in candy, processed foods, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes.


While our dentists highly recommend cutting down artificial sugar consumption (i.e. soda and candy) for better oral health, there is another way to improve the color of your teeth without cutting down on colorful fruits and veggies. Contact us today to discuss what professional teeth whitening costs here at Trillium Dental in Ottawa, and feel free to reach out to us for recommendations about the best teeth whitening products to use if you wish to do your own teeth whitening at home.

We also offer take-home teeth whitening kits at our Ottawa dental clinic, so feel free to stop by at any time to pick one up and get information about our other cosmetic dentistry treatments. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get that perfect, white smile you’ve been dreaming of!



If you love coffee, red wine, berries, Coke, and other dark foods and drinks, odds are, your teeth will start to show it over time. It’s unfortunate that some of our favorite foods can stain our teeth and turn them yellow, even if we brush and floss religiously. However, the good news is that there’s an easy fix: teeth whitening services and take-home teeth whitening kits. At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we offer many different cosmetic dentistry services to help patients regain confidence in their smile, from Invisalign® and porcelain veneers to professional-grade teeth whitening gel.

Teeth whitening treatments and techniques have come a long way in the last few decades, and dental clinics now have access to the best teeth whitening technology available today. At Trillium Dental, we use Zoom!® whitening gel and specialized teeth whitening lights, which can bleach your teeth up to nine shades whiter in an hour (three 15-minute sessions). We also understand that bleaching your teeth from the comfort of your couch is more appealing to some patients, which is why we offer take-home teeth whitening kits for those who would rather do it themselves. That being said, here is a quick and easy guide for whitening your teeth at home!


These days, you can find teeth whitening kits nearly anywhere — but before you order that cheap teeth whitening kit online or try some kind of DIY teeth whitening method, make sure to do your research so you know what to expect. The internet is full of knock-off teeth whitening kits that aren’t very effective and are difficult to use by yourself, so if you’re looking to dramatically improve the look of your smile, it’s best to pick up a teeth whitening kit at your local dental clinic. At Trillium Dental, we are happy to provide you with a teeth bleaching kit so you can do the teeth whitening at home, so give us a call or stop by our Ottawa dental clinic if you’d like to try it for yourself!


The most important thing to remember when whitening your teeth at home is that you are dealing with chemicals that should not be consumed or come into contact with your gums, which is why these kits require that you only squeeze a small amount of gel into the teeth whitening trays. Often, people will neglect to follow the instructions in their teeth whitening kit and put too much gel in the trays. This can cause you to accidentally get teeth whitening gel on your gums if you’re not careful, which can sting a little and cause irritation. That’s why many patients opt to spend a little extra on professional teeth whitening treatment — our dentists have the skills and experience necessary to do it right and produce great results without harming you.

When you’re bleaching your teeth at home with teeth whitening gel, make sure to only leave it on your teeth for as long as instructed, as your teeth can become sensitive if you leave it on too long. This can easily make the experience unpleasant. If you’ve invested in one of the best teeth whitening products available online or at your local dentist’s office, you shouldn’t have to leave the teeth whitening gel on any longer than it says to in the instructions. Many of the best teeth whitening kits will also come with an LED light that you can shine on the gel to enhance its effectiveness, so take this into account when you’re tempted to leave the teeth whitening gel on longer than instructed.


Once your time is up (usually one hour), take the teeth whitening tray out of your mouth and gently remove the gel. You can do this with a cloth, tissue, or whatever else came in the teeth whitening kit, but no matter how you do it, just make sure to get as much off as possible so you don’t consume any and get an upset stomach. Most teeth whitening bleach will continue to whiten your teeth for a while after it has been removed, which is another reason why you shouldn’t leave it on longer than the instructions recommend. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after use so you get as much teeth whitening gel out of your mouth as possible, and don’t forget to wash the trays so they are ready to go next time you decide to whiten your teeth at home.


Ready to try whitening your teeth at home? Drop by Trillium Dental in Ottawa today to pick up one of our take-home teeth whitening kits! We look forward to seeing you.