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Missing Teeth In Ottawa

Dry MouthOn average, adults between the ages of 19 to 65 years of age have at least three missing or decayed teeth, or in some instance more. If you fall into this category, even with missing a single tooth, there is no reason not to change this condition. Missing a tooth or more do factor in a person’s speech and ability to eat.

This means that the gaps left as a result of missing teeth also allow the migration of the surrounding teeth. Additionally, bone loss can occur, where in either scenario, changes in speech and the ability to chew properly can go un-noticed. Furthermore, with the advances in technology, improve materials, and medical procedures no one should have to live with missing teeth.

The following list suggests the options available to remedy any situation that concerns missing a tooth or teeth, as the case may be,

  • Dentures, if a person has lost or needs all teeth removed
  • Implants, these are prosthetic teeth and a popular alternative to dentures
  • Finally, bridge work, this entails a set of crowns and false teeth that fill in the gap left by missing teeth. They are anchored to existing teeth surrounding the area as a permanent fixed bridge or a removable one. Your Ottawa dentist will help decide which will be most beneficial