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Tooth Erosion Ottawa

Tooth erosion is when the outer layers of enamel diminish. This is caused by acids contained in certain foods that we may eat. The enamel is the hard outer coating of the teeth. It protects the underlying dentine.

When the enamel deteriorates, it can expose the dentine and cause both sensitivity and pain. Drink liquids high in acid content can cause the tooth enamel to weaken by softening through the loss of mineral content that keeps the enamel hardening. The body’s defence mechanism against this is the saliva.

Under perfect conditions, the saliva negates any progress that an acid may take thereby maintaining a balanced environment inside the mouth. If an excessive amount of acidic liquids and foods are eaten then the action of the saliva can become overwhelmed and not have the ability to maintain the proper balance for the tooth enamel to remain hard enough to protect the dentine. When this happens the enamel may get removed through the act of brushing the teeth and result in extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, which can become painful.

Tooth erosion Ottawa