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Preventative Dentistry Ottawa

Your mouth is the doorway to your body and its total health. That’s why healthy teeth and gums are an essential part of your overall health and well being.

Regular dental visits, including cleanings and assessments by our hygienist, are essential in the prevention of gum and periodontal disease; as well as maintaining overall wellness.

Gum disease begins with the formation of soft (plaque) and hard (calculus (tartar)) bacterial deposits on the surface of the teeth. Without proper oral care, this bacteria can cause inflammation of the gums. This is known as Gingivitis. The bacteria may then penetrate the gum line and eventually spread into the underlying bone, resulting in Periodontitis.

It is estimated 75% of the population has gingivitis. Blood on the toothbrush or dental floss is one of the earliest and most common signs of gingivitis. When detected early gingivitis is reversible and preventable with proper oral care, including brushing and flossing. However, without proper care gingivitis may progress to periodontitis.

Periodontitis can progress slowly and is often not painful. You may not even be aware of it until it has progressed to the advanced stage and you are in danger of losing teeth. Your Ottawa dentist and dental hygienist can best detect the early stages of gum disease when it is the easiest to treat.

We will personalize a program based on your needs. Regular checkups are also important in the early detection of other dental problems, including dental decay, oral cancers, TMJ, and muscle-related conditions.