Dr. Sharada Udupa Ottawa - Dentist At Trillium Dental

Dr. Derek Turner

I am a son of a 91 year-old gorgeous mother, Joan; the husband of Elaine, whom I have loved for more than half a century; a father of three beautiful human beings; a father-in-law to two wonderful people; a brother to a loving & helpful sister, Jane; a “Poppy” to an astounding grandson, Liam; and a dentist for nearly five decades serving lovely patients, all of whom have given me more than I have given them.


My life is defined by family and profession. I will never “retire” (ruled by my continuing good health) from my practice, no more than I will from my family. Retirement would be giving up a part of me.


After graduating in 1972 (high in my class and higher in OQAA football), I moved from Toronto to Ottawa, a family home base with my wife Elaine (then two years married). With good fortune, I was one of five dentists creating the largest group practice in Ontario in 1973. We were first with many dental services, including computerization, in 1979. A decade later, I built a dozen Tridont satellite offices in the Ottawa area in high-traffic and high-profile retail centres. At the time, it was a brave and innovative change for the profile of dental offices. Leaving Tridont in 1989 and finding a lifetime brother in Dr. Berne Reesor, I co-founded, with him, Holland Cross Dental Centre.


I am blessed by family, friends and thousands of dental patients throughout my 50 years of dentistry.