Excellent Overall

Excellent overall service and professionalism. – Top Rated Local

Very Appreciated

Hygienists are lovely. Reception is lovely. I had to cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours due to unforeseen circumstances (kids, ugh) and I was treated so kindly. Very appreciated. Would refer anyone to this location! – Top Rated Local


Professional staff and dentists, helpful reminders and very responsive administration. I’ve been a patient for several years now and think this office provides excellent service and quality dental work. – Google

Good Experience

Good experience. The dentists all seem to be much more knowledgeable about current trends and conditions. I learned more than I ever did with my old dentist. Will continue to go back. – Google

Definitely Recommend

I have found the staff to be very professional and friendly. They take time to explain everything clearly. Wait times are minimal. The facility looks recently renovated and very modern. I would definitely recommend. –Google

Top Notch!

My family has been going to this Trillium for at least 5 years!! Wonderful service and quality of work is top notch! – Google

Great Service

Great service. Highly recommended. Helpful and honest. – Google

Amazing Service

Amazing service. Very friendly people as well! Pleasant atmosphere. – Facebook

Amazing Service

One of the health services I’ve always appreciated on a daily basis is the availability and accessibility of world-class dental care. And that appreciation has only grown during the past 18 months, when we’ve all spent most of our time under various levels of Covid-19 lockdowns or restrictions. – Facebook


I know it hasn’t been easy for numerous service and care facilities like yours. But I was reassured and impressed by how proactive the Trillium Dental group was, right at the onset of this crisis, taking such comprehensive infection-control measures that every patient could feel secure and safe with minimal interruption to their care. – Facebook

Good Service

As an older adult, I’ve also come to appreciate the wisdom of investing in my dental health as a lifelong commitment, something the Trillium staff clearly take very seriously in their supportive encouragement and education of every patient who comes to them, no matter what the problem. – Facebook


Being able to go literally from cradle-to-grave with sound teeth is a privilege and opportunity here in Canada that too few of us stop to think about, especially when so many around the world lack access to basic dental care. I appreciate the dedication and expertise of groups like Trillium Dental, who serve a widespread and diverse community with leading-edge technology and personalized care. – Facebook

Awesome Service

I have found such detailed attention to every aspect of the care I have received, along with a constant enthusiasm for informing me at each step of any procedure I’ve had done. My quality of life today is a direct result of excellent dentistry at Trillium.
-Brenda Maxwell