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Tooth Decay Ottawa

Tooth decay is caused by cavities which are holes created from the collection of bacteria on the teeth. Bacteria stems from the food and drink that a person consumes that are high in acids and sugars. Furthermore, an individual that has cavities lacks proper cleaning techniques that add to the ability for bacterial growth in the mouth.

The topmost common health issue worldwide is tooth decay. There is no single group of people that are not affected by it. This translates into anyone that has teeth will eventually suffer from some level of decay if they do not take care of their teeth.

Moreover, in some cases regardless of how well someone may think they take care of his or her teeth, there is still a chance that a cavity will manifest. Nonetheless, if cavities are not treated, they can lead to the destruction of the teeth by reaching the inner layers and finally the nerve or pulp. When this happens, pain, infection, and the loss of the affected tooth will result.

The only way to combat cavities is by having a good oral hygiene regimen that entails regular checkups and consistent flossing and brushing, (at least twice daily). Remember, even with regular cleaning cavities can still present themselves making it all the more important to keep a schedule of dental checkups as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tooth decay Ottawa