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Get A Beautiful Smile With Same-day Dental Implants!

In the early 1990s, Dr. Paulo Maló with the help of Nobel Biocare developed a way in which dental implants could be placed and restored in a single day – hence the idea of Smile-In-A-Day was born. This was a huge leap forward from the traditional dental implant placement and restoration process that could take upwards of twelve months to complete. Contact us today to book your Smile-In-A-Day consultation!

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The Process For Smile In A Day

The Process For Smile In A DayThe term Smile-In-A-Day is a fairly accurate descriptor of what can be expected when one selects this course of treatment. A patient can essentially walk into one of our Trillium Dental locations with a removable denture and walkout at the end of her appointment with a temporary, hybrid denture securely fastened by several dental implants Ottawa.

Although this is basically what happens, there is a lot that needs to happen in the background to make this possible.

As the name suggests, today, the process with Smile-In-A-Day is significantly shorter. The appointment starts with the removal of any compromised teeth. Once the arch is ready, four or six dental implants are placed depending upon whether or not the upper or lower arch (jaw) is being worked on. A reduced number of dental implants can be used due in part to the unique length of the implants used as well as the angle at which they are placed.

The posterior dental implants (at the back of the mouth) are longer than traditional dental implants and are placed at a 45-degree angle. The angle at which the implants are placed is important for three very important reasons. First, it ensures that there is more surface contact between the dental implant and the bone tissue, allowing for improved stability of the dental implant itself. Second, the angled implant reduces the likelihood of any contact between it and the mandibular nerve in the lower jaw or the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw. Finally, the angled positioning of the dental implant also allows for its placement without increasing the vertical depth of the bone levels through a bone grafting procedure. This makes the overall procedure less invasive.

Once the dental implants are securely in place, they are immediately restored with a temporary prosthetic that provides near full-functionality within days of the procedure. Patients quite literally walk out of our offices with their Smile-In-A-Day!

Candidates for Smile In A Day

A short time later, we receive a final prosthetic restoration that is fabricated in the lab and we replace the temporary prosthetic with the final hybrid denture. The hybrid dentures that we use are held firmly in place and cannot be removed without the assistance of a dental professional.

Since Smile-In-A-Day involves dentures, the assumption is that this course of treatment is only applicable to patients that are edentulous (without teeth on one or both arches). The fact of the matter is that this is not the case at all. The treatment is also an excellent alternative for people who have few remaining, severely compromised, “unsaveable” teeth. These patients may be avoiding dental treatment in the hopes of avoiding the preconceived discomfort of wearing a removable denture. We can remove the compromised teeth, place the dental implants in Ottawa and restore the implants with a temporary, hybrid denture within that single appointment.

Benefits For Smile In A Day

We find the list of benefits to be an ever-growing one. The reason behind that is simple: as we follow up on completed treatment with our patients, they relate to us just how their lives have changed.

We have listed the more important and commonly experienced benefits below:

Greater Support & Stability

When it comes to complete denture options, dental implants offer the greatest support and stability. This stability yields optimal functionality for the dental prosthetic – almost equivalent to natural teeth.

Minimized Bone Resorbtion

The placement of dental implants stimulates the bone tissue surrounding the titanium devices, ensuring that bone resorption does not affect the area. If left unchecked, bone resorption results in a brittle and recessed jawline.

Shorter Treatment Timeline

With Smile-In-A-Day, dental implants can be placed and restored with a temporary, hybrid denture in a single appointment – a much shorter treatment timeline than with the traditional approach ( upwards of 12 months to complete treatment).

Avoiding Bone Grafting

When vertical bone depth is insufficient for a traditional approach for the placement of dental implants, the angle at which the implants are placed with the Smile-In-A-Day approach allows us to often avoid the bone grafting procedure that would otherwise be required.

Results in a Single Appointment

The immediate restoration of the dental implants with a hybrid denture means that our patients leave their appointment with a beautiful and fully-functional prosthetic denture.

Minimally Invasive

With fewer dental implants being placed, and by being able to avoid the placement of healing abutments, the Smile-In-A-Day process can be less invasive than the traditional dental implant placement approach.

Reduced Number of Dental Implants Required

When securing the hybrid denture, only 4 or 6 implants are required as opposed to the 8 dental implants that are sometimes required using the traditional dental implant placement approach.

The Power of One Team, Office and Appointment

Having the entire treatment completed by a single team, in a single office, and in a single appointment offers huge value to the patients that have decided to pursue this treatment alternative.

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