Here in Ottawa, there are many cosmetic dentists to choose from if you’re looking to get your teeth whitened, have a chipped tooth covered up, or invest in a total smile makeover. However, not all cosmetic dental practices are the same, and some offer better services than others. That being said, here’s what to look for in a cosmetic dentist:


The first things to consider when looking for a cosmetic dentist are their experience and credentials. The best cosmetic dentists have years, if not decades, of experience performing a range of cosmetic dentistry services in an established dental practice. They’ll have obtained a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at a reputable dental school, such as McGill University or the University of Western Ontario. Before you choose just any cosmetic dentist, read up on their background to find out how long they’ve been practicing and what their main focus is.


In addition to a quality education and years of experience, reputable cosmetic dentists will also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services using industry-leading tools and technology. At Trillium Dental, we do everything from Zoom! whitening and porcelain veneers to dental bonding, gum contouring, ceramic inlays and onlays, and more. We even offer complete smile makeovers for patients who want to change multiple things about the appearance of their mouth, such as reducing a “gummy smile” and whitening teeth in one appointment.


If you’re torn between two or more cosmetic dentists, take a look at their reviews online or call and ask for referrals. At the end of the day, what really matters is the quality of service you receive, and you want a cosmetic dentist that has your best interests in mind. Look for a dentist that has a track record of happy patients who appreciate the care that goes into their dental work. Anyone else just isn’t worth it!


At Trillium Dental, our family dentists pride themselves on providing quality dental care for all of our patients. We use the latest tools and technology for every dental treatment, and we are always educating ourselves to stay on top of best practices. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist you can trust, contact Trillium Dental today or book an appointment with us online!