STITTSVILLE, ONTARIO- Most can agree a smile void of a few teeth isn’t the best look, but the top reasons to seek tooth replacement aren’t strictly aesthetic. Did you know failing to replace a missing tooth endangers the health of your smile?

Many Canadians have lost one or more teeth due to a dental condition, mouth trauma or years of poor diet or hygiene habits. We at Trillium Dental, a trusted provider of family dentistry in the Stittsville area, urge you to swiftly replace teeth after they are lost. Here are three reasons why we suggest this:

Mesial Drift

Mesial drift refers to the tendency for teeth to shift naturally toward the front of the smile. This occurs because of the forces at play when we chew food. When a tooth is missing, mesial drift elicits the surrounding teeth to dramatically tilt into space where the tooth once existed. As teeth continue to shift, they fall out of proper alignment. Trillium Dental does offer Invisalign to correct certain cases of malocclusion, but we’d prefer that you avoid the problem altogether.

Should a missing tooth cause surrounding teeth to migrate and become misaligned, it affects more than your smile’s appearance. Overlapping, crooked teeth provide the perfect trap and hiding spot for food particles. If missed by the toothbrush and floss, lingering plaque increases your risk of cavities, gum irritation, and bad breath.

Super Eruption

When there’s no opposing force for a tooth (oftentimes a molar) to press against, the supereruption can take place. This occurs when a tooth rises out of its socket toward space where its opposite once existed, leaving a portion of its root exposed and increases sensitivity to, especially hot or cold temperatures.

The phenomenon of super-eruption typically doesn’t occur unless a tooth has been missing for a few years, but you’ll know when it does. A super erupted tooth looks painful and negatively impacts the appearance of your smile.

Gum Disease

When a tooth goes missing, gum disease is more likely to strike in multiple ways. Once a tooth is lost, the portion of the gum which once supported the tooth is left exposed to dangerous bacteria from lingering food particles. Rapid shifts in teeth caused by mesial drift can irritate gums. The gums around the root of a super erupted tooth can also grow inflamed.

Signs of gum disease include swelling, redness around the gum line, sensitivity, bleeding, and gum recession. Gum disease is a bacterial infection shown to elicit a variety general and oral health repercussions, so be sure to promptly seek help if you suspect your gums are infected.

How We Can Help

Our Ottawa dentists can restore your smile using proven treatments, like dental implants and bridges. Our restorative services include the popular “Teeth in a Day” procedure, which grants you a healthy and beautiful smile that’s natural in appearance in literally one day. These solutions are permanent and require the same amount of maintenance as natural teeth.

All procedures are performed by skilled professionals in a relaxing setting. For your comfort, nitrous oxide and oral and IV sedation options are available. It’s our goal to return your smile back to complete health and appearance while you remain at ease.