1. Why Teeth Cleanings Are Important For Good Oral Health: Part 1

    At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we strongly advocate for the importance of routine dental cleanings at your local dental office. Professional dental care is a major component of good oral health. We recommend that our patients visit us at least twice per year for a thorough teeth cleaning as well as s…Read More

  2. Facts About Wisdom Teeth

    Whether you are getting ready for an operation or trying to figure out why they are called wisdom teeth, today’s blog is here to help you explore what wisdom teeth are and how they can impact your life. Here at Trillium Dental, we offer a range of dental services for our clients, ranging from wisd…Read More

  3. Types of Foods to Avoid for Better Dental Health

    We all want to have pristine teeth and gums. It’s a key to good health and as we at Trillium Dental say, “Your mouth says it all!” As dentists and dental professionals, we know that a healthy mouth is a gateway to confidence, better overall health, and a better relationship with your world. Mo…Read More

  4. Nutrition and Dental Health

    Here at Trillium Dental, we’ve already covered many of the best foods for your teeth, but to help those who want a better understanding of those foods, today’s blog covers the nutrition your teeth and their supporting periodontal structures need to thrive, and why they help your dental health. F…Read More

  5. Oral Health Friendly Foods

    As we alluded to in our last blog, there is a range of foods that you can eat to give yourself a boost in dental health.  Not only are many of these foods good for your teeth, but also simply good for you. Here at Trillium Dental, we provide excellent dental services and professional care for Ottaw…Read More

  6. More Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

    Here at Trillium Dental, we love seeing our clients often for regular check-ups and oral maintenance, but we don’t like seeing them too often. There are a number of people that do not practice good oral hygiene and every good dentist strives to prevent dental issues through effective care and educ…Read More

  7. Bad Breath

    This condition is understood as halitosis, among the medical community of dental professionals. The typical major causes for this are one of two issues. The first being poor dental hygiene with the second cause being poor health overall. A person’s health is directly relatable to their eating habi…Read More

  8. Screen for Oral Cancer as Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

    KANATA AND OTTAWA, ONTARIO – There are many different types of cancer, and the Canadian Cancer Society reports 29 percent of all Canadian deaths in 2009 were due to cancer. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and in an effort to raise awareness about this disease our Ottawa family dentistry team…Read More

  9. Five Big Reasons to Quit Biting Your Nails

    KANATA, ONTARIO- Nail biting is a common societal pet peeve, but your teeth are fed up with the habit, too. The frequent practice of nail biting can inflict serious health and aesthetic issues on teeth and gums, not to mention fingernail mutilation. Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott from Orleans family d…Read More

  10. Ring in the New Year with a Dazzling New Smile

    KANATA, ONTARIO- Have you spent much of 2013 being embarrassed about your smile? Trillium Dental’s cosmetic dentistry services can help you ring in the New Year with confidence. Located in Ottawa, Stittsville, Nepean, Orleans and Kanata, our cosmetic dentists are just around the corner and capable…Read More