Gum disease can crop up at any time, bringing painful symptoms with it. As with many other health conditions, prevention is key when it comes to gingivitis and periodontal disease. At Trillium Dental, we encourage patients to maintain good oral hygiene habits and make regular trips to their family dentist for professional teeth cleanings. Contact us today to schedule a dental checkup, or continue reading for some tips to keep your gums healthy!


Your gums hold your teeth in place, protecting the tooth roots from infection. When your teeth accumulate food particles and bacteria, it turns into plaque, attacking the tooth enamel and surrounding oral tissues. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep your gums healthy is by brushing your teeth twice per day, for at least two minutes each time. Make sure to reach all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, including the ridges in the molars and the backsides of your upper and lower teeth.


Another obvious way to keep your gums healthy is to floss your teeth at least once per day. Food loves to hide in the crevices between your teeth, especially pieces of meat, popcorn kernels, fruit seeds, and sticky candy. To ensure that your teeth and gums are free of food particles and plaque, floss between each tooth in a side-to-side motion. If your gums bleed easily, this may be a sign of a gum infection or poor gum health, which can be improved with regular flossing and brushing.


Tobacco use is one of the main causes of gum disease, as well as coronary heart disease, oral cancer, and lots of other life-threatening health conditions. Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco is a sure-fire way to inflict damage on your gums, so refrain from smoking if you haven’t taken up the habit. If you do smoke, now you have one more reason to quit!


If you are prone to developing periodontitis due to genetic factors or lifestyle habits, you can never be too cautious when it comes to oral hygiene. Fluoride toothpastes are great at fighting bacteria and plaque, thus helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Therapeutic mouthwashes also make a great addition to your oral hygiene routine, as they reduce plaque and flush out food particles.


Once plaque turns into tartar, it really starts to eat away at the tooth enamel and irritate the gums. Tartar can only be removed by a dental professional with the right equipment, such as a dental scaler or gum lasering tool. To prevent plaque from hardening and turning into tartar, make sure to visit your local dental clinic twice per year for a professional dental cleaning. Our family dentists have years of experience providing dental exams and periodontal treatments, and we’d love to see you at our dental office! If you are due for a routine teeth cleaning, contact Trillium Dental in Ottawa today to set up an appointment or make an appointment online!