Dental implant surgery can be intimidating for some patients, especially if they haven’t had much dental work done in the past. At Trillium Dental, our family dentists understand that any type of oral surgery can be nerve-wracking for patients, especially when it comes to procedures involving dental sedation, like dental implant surgery, wisdom tooth removals, and root canals. That being said, the more you know about the procedure, the better you can plan ahead for a smooth recovery. If you’re getting dental implants, follow these tips after your surgery:


Immediately after your dental implant surgery, you won’t feel any pain until the anesthesia wears off. Your dentist will prescribe a pain medication for you to take in the days after your surgery, and you should take the first one before the anesthetic wears off to avoid any discomfort. You’ll also need to bite down on the gauze packs and refrain from removing them for at least an hour after the dental implant procedure. Some postoperative bleeding is normal, so be sure to keep pressure on the site until it subsides. Change out the gauze as necessary for the remainder of the day, typically every 30 minutes to an hour.

On the day of your dental implant surgery, you’ll need to exercise caution around the surgical site. Don’t fuss with the area, and make sure to avoid any vigorous rinsing or chewing (soft foods like yogurt, applesauce, and smoothies are fine — just don’t use a straw). However, it is incredibly important that you stay on top of your oral hygiene after your surgery, as bacteria can enter the surgical site and cause infections if you don’t brush your teeth. Our dentists recommend brushing your teeth gently on the night of your appointment, being extra careful around the surgical site. After 24 hours, you can gently rinse your mouth with saltwater two to three times per day to keep the area clean.

Another important part of dental implant recovery is taking it easy. Limit your activity to lying on the couch and watching your favorite movies, as any bending, lifting, or excessive movement can increase bleeding and swelling. Excess movement can also cause you more pain and prolong the recovery period. For a speedy recovery, avoid any form of exercise or work for at least four days after your surgery. If you experience additional swelling or pain, apply an ice pack to the area in 20-minute increments (this should be done throughout the first 24 hours of surgery).


As your mouth begins to heal, you can start brushing your teeth normally again and resume your oral hygiene routine. Still, avoid vigorous brushing, but be as thorough as possible. The best way to ensure a quick recovery is to keep the area near the surgical site clean and free of infections. Continue to do salt water rinses several times per day, rinsing gently without swishing or spitting.

You can also integrate more foods back into your diet after a few days, including only the foods that you feel comfortable eating. Bread, noodles, and eggs are great, as are mashed potatoes, oatmeal, fish, rice, and other soft foods. Try to avoid applying excessive pressure to your newly implanted teeth, as this can cause more pain and discomfort. Trust that soon enough, you’ll be able to eat whatever you want!

A few days after your dental implant surgery, you can start moving about the house a bit more. Be careful when walking up and down the stairs just in case you feel lightheaded from the medication or from being tired. Stay hydrated and go on short walks if you feel up for it after three to four days on the couch, and avoid any vigorous exercise for at least a week after oral surgery. If you needed an excuse to relax and take it easy, this is it.


If you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth in need of replacing, dental implants might be right for you. Contact our family dentists at Trillium Dental in Ottawa to schedule an appointment, or book a consultation online. Our dentists would be happy to meet you and assess whether you would be a good candidate for dental implants, as well as outline the process for same-day dental implants. We’ll also go over the dental implant cost in order to determine the right payment plan for you. Ready to get a beautiful, functional smile in less than a day? Give us a call to learn about our Smile-In-A-Day dental implants!