Tooth pain can have quite an effect on a persons well-being and state of mind. The common cause of such a pain is typically an exposed nerve or root. An infection caused by gum disease, or tooth decay are sources for the exposure. In certain instances the pain may originate from areas other than those associated with the teeth.

However, in these cases, while the pain may appear to originate from a tooth or teeth, the source might come from a jaw irritation. The sinus cavities that run above the upper jaw behind the cheek bones and below the eyes may be infected or an ear infection may also be the cause. The joints, (temporomandibular joint), of the jawbone are another source of pain, abbreviated as TMJ.

In extreme cases, heart disease can be a cause for tooth pain. In any scenario, both jaw pain, and tooth aches are common issues that a lot of people suffer from. On a more specific note, some may experience a dull pain due to pressure or a heightened sensitivity to exposure of hot or cold on their teeth. Moreover, when the pain associated with either of the examples extends longer than 15 to 20 seconds after exposure there may be serious issues at hand.