Some men think women don’t mask their feelings well. That statement as a whole can be debated, but when it comes to dental anxieties, they’re right.

Data from the Adult Dental Health Survey in Britain recently offered some interesting findings. After viewing pictures of dental procedures in action, women who admitted to having dental phobias were an incredible six times more likely to be disgusted by the images, compared with women who had no qualms regarding dentistry. The study also found that women voiced their disgust and fear of dental work considerably more than men who had the same anxieties. In addition, almost half of the adults surveyed were moderate to severely afraid of the dentist.

The solution to these common dental fears isn’t to avoid the dentist’s office at all costs. Maintaining a clean and healthy smile is vital to multiple aspects of your health, and professional care is the only way to ensure your teeth and gums are thriving. Trillium Dental, a trusted provider of family dentistry in Ottawa, encourages patients to take a hint from the women in the survey and voice their concerns to their dentist.

The thought of receiving extensive dental work can be scary. We understand. Our team of dentists and hygienists aim to make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed so they can receive important treatments in a stress-free environment. We excel in caring for patients with dental anxieties and incorporate modern technologies and techniques that reduce discomfort during treatment.

For those with severe phobias, we offer sedation dentistry. Depending on the type of procedure and your anxiety levels, we can administer three types of safe and proven sedatives. This includes IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide, known as “laughing gas.” All three of these options allow us to care for your teeth and gums while you remain totally at ease.

Can you relate with the anxious men and women in the survey? If so, we encourage you to visit one of our office locations in Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans or Stittsville. Dentists and hygienists will work with you to ensure a relaxing and stress-free treatment and the outcome of a healthy smile. Give Trillium Dental a call to learn more.