KANATA, ONTARIO- Once simply known as a provider of tingly fresh breathe with a bacteria-killing bonus, mouthwash is now being associated with cardiovascular health benefits. Research conducted by the Biomedical Development Corporation wasn’t purposed to hunt for a mouthwash-heart health connection, but findings implied that those who use an oral mouth rinse once every day experienced lower levels of “LDL,” or bad, cholesterol.

The study suggested that mouthwash containing the active ingredient iodine might help to cleanse the arteries. Iodine’s positive effects on health have long sparked curiosity in the medical community, with evidence showing that the naturally-occurring chemical can remedy thyroid issues and bolster the immune system.

So, what do these findings mean to the average dental patient? Ongoing trials are necessary to solidify the claims made in the study, but the discovery reinforces the argument that oral health and cardiovascular health are strongly intertwined. In short, ridding the mouth of harmful bacteria through mouth-washing, brushing and flossing is key to enjoying good overall health.

There’s ample evidence to suggest that poor oral hygiene can induce Endocarditis, an infection of the heart’s inner lining triggered by a bacteria buildup manifested in another part of the body, like the mouth. Excessive plaque and periodontal disease is also believed to be a factor in cardiovascular disease, due to the infection and inflammation oral maladies can generate.

Consequences of bad dental health don’t end at the heart. Links to various illnesses and inadequate oral hygiene exist, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Periodontal disease and jaw bone loss is widely considered a major risk factor for these health issues.

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