KANATA, ONTARIO- The established repercussions of gum disease are already gruesome, but things just got a bit nastier. According to a recent study, the bacterium found to induce gum disease is also capable of destroying the jaw bone. Interestingly, this bacterium wreaks its havoc not by damaging the jaw bone directly, but rather by enlisting atypically protective protein to do its dirty work.

The research conducted by the University of Michigan also revealed the specific bacterium responsible for gum disease. Dubbed NI1060, this bacterium turns the normally beneficial protein Nod1 traitorous, triggering destructive cells to deteriorate the jawbone. Once weakened, a damaged jaw can alter facial aesthetics and induce tooth loss, among other health conditions. Further studies are needed to explain the phenomenon, but one clear conclusion can be established- the effects of gum disease can prove devastating.

It’s not important for patients of Trillium Dental, cosmetic dentistry in Stittsville, to be well versed in scientific jargon or current with medical advances, but this news means gum disease prevention should be made a priority. Along with jaw bone deterioration, infection, inflammation, and bleeding, periodontitis (gum disease) may also cause more serious cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and even pancreatic cancer. Additionally, links to gum disease and early labor in pregnant woman have been uncovered.

The best defense against periodontal issues is through simple dental care. Destructive bacteria are spawned from accumulated plaque, so thorough brushing and flossing and the consistent use of antibacterial mouth rinse is key to keeping gums healthy and sparkling. Regular professional cleanings are also vital to remove cemented plaque in hard to reach areas of the mouth.

To help shield patient’s smiles from gum disease, Orleans dentists Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott offer detailed cleanings such as teeth whitening and advanced periodontal services. Laser treatments are sometimes used to rid the gums of deeply set bacteria, among other cutting-edge treatments. Trillium Dental offers oral and IV sedation to ensure a more pleasant experience when treating gum conditions. Contact Trillium Dental today to learn more about the prevention and treatment of periodontitis.