At Trillium Dental, we strive to make routine dental appointments as simple and convenient as possible. Our staff is friendly and our offices are designed with your comfort in mind. With this said, there are five easy things you can do to ensure your visit with us is as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Thoroughly brush your teeth and floss.
We are staffed with a skilled team of trained dental hygienists who use professional tools to remove stubborn plaque and tarter. However, a smile that’s freshly cleaned by you streamlines your appointment by reducing the hygiene portion of the visit. When there’s less food debris for hygienists to remove, they can quickly address issues you cannot, like stubborn plaque and tartar buildup and administering professional-strength fluoride treatments.

Of course, we encourage you to implement a diligent dental hygiene routine long before your appointment with us!

Have payment information prepared.
Our Ottawa area dentists want you to focus on your dental health during your visit, not stressing about insurance policies or what payment methods we accept. We encourage patients to get acquainted with our guidelines prior to their appointment. To learn more about our financial policies, visit our patient page.

Arrive early.  
While we prefer our patients to keep things on schedule by arriving on time, our reason for this tip isn’t to avoid tardiness. Patients who are scurrying to make their appointment are often frustrated, frazzled and anxious. Arriving a few minutes early will help you relax and give you plenty of time to carefully complete important paperwork, if necessary. It’s our goal to maintain a calm and anxiety-free office environment for everyone to enjoy.

Explain dental problems.
Being open with our dentists about dental problems will help us better determine an optimal diagnosis and treatment. If there are any new developments in your teeth, gums or jaw since your last visit, it’s important to let us know. If alerted to a problem, your dentist will be able to resolve it before it becomes more problematic and requires further treatment.

It’s also beneficial to be honest about your overall health when filling out our medical history form at your first appointment. General and dental health are closely linked. Providing important details about your history will give us added insight about your dental health.

Be honest about anxieties.
At Trillium Dental, we desire for you to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. That’s why we incorporate advanced dental technologies and personalized treatments into daily practice. If you feel anxious about a treatment, let our dentists and hygienists know. We will consider your fears when determining the best course of treatment.

Industry advances have made dentistry more comfortable than ever before. There’s nothing to be scared of. However, we offer multiple sedation options for the comfort of our patients.

Trillium Dental is a provider of comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry services in the Ottawa area, including Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!