Dental implant surgery is one of the most innovative dental procedures today, as it provides a far more effective, comfortable, and visually appealing alternative to traditional dentures. Thanks to dental implants, no longer do patients with periodontal disease or missing teeth have to cover their conditions with fake teeth that slide around in their mouths when they speak or chew. Even better, long gone are the days of invasive bone graft procedures and other painful oral surgeries.

So what’s the catch? The answer is simple: there isn’t one. And the best part is that now you can get a fresh set of strong, beautiful teeth in less than a day with Smile-In-A-Day dental implants at Trillium Dental in Ottawa! Here’s what you need to know about the procedure.


Smile-In-A-Day is a hybrid denture that entails several dental implants being secured to the underlying jawbone, as opposed to the many individual implants involved with more invasive dental implant procedures. This has proven to be an incredibly effective method of replacing teeth, as the implants stimulate the jawbone tissue and encourage natural regrowth, rather than simply covering up the problem. Smile-In-A-Day also offers just that — you can walk in to our dental clinic with decayed or missing teeth and walk away with a fully functional set of teeth the very same day.


Although the term “dental implants” might sound intimidating, the process really is quite simple. After our Ottawa dentists determine that you would be a good candidate for Smile-In-A-Day dental implants, we will have you make an appointment for the surgery. When you arrive, we will then remove any decayed or deteriorating teeth and replace them with four to six dental implants by adhering them to the underlying jawbone. The number of implants, their length, and the angle at which they are placed depends entirely on your unique needs and the area of the mouth that is being worked on.

After these same-day dental implants have been set, we will then restore them with a temporary prosthetic cover so that you can get back to your daily routine with strong, functioning teeth. Once we receive the permanent version of this prosthetic from the lab, we will have you visit our dental office again so that we can switch it out with the temporary one. The end result is a strong set of fake teeth that look, feel, and work exactly like real teeth!


If you’re suffering from periodontal disease or any other condition that has rendered your teeth brittle, decayed, or missing, Smile-In-A-Day could be the perfect solution for you. At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we believe that everyone has the right to strong, healthy teeth, so we offer affordable dental implants for our patients. Request an appointment online or give us a call today!