Ottawa, ON (March 26, 2018) – Trillium Dental ®, recognized as Ottawa’s largest name in dentistry, has undergone a total brand review and today launches a new brand identity. The new brand offers a richer articulation of the company’s mission and vision. The rollout encompasses every aspect of the company’s visual identity, including its logo, tagline and website.


The most prominent part of the new brand identity is Trillium Dental’s new logo. The logo was designed to be a distinct and thoughtful representation of the brand. Subtle changes have been made to the company’s logo to enhance the new image while still incorporating the provincial flower to remain symbolic. The three petals of the trillium flower represent a continuum: they are separate, yet still connected, illustrating how both oral health and overall health are interconnected. The logo’s classic font still remains recognizable and introduces a vibrant blue color palette.


The launch will also mark the debut of the new tagline, ‘Because Your Mouth Says It All.’ The new tagline is meant to illustrate the importance of optimal oral health. The tagline can also be interpreted in countless other ways depending on the audience and how it resonates with the individual; from having that confident smile to that word-of-mouth referral to many more.


“We’re extremely excited to introduce a new identity that captures the expression of the company and reflects our commitment to dentistry. It’s often thought that dentistry is interconnected to just teeth, but it’s far more than just that.” explained Dr. David Bartos, DDS and Co-Founder of Trillium Dental. “Dentistry is also closely connected to our overall health. The mouth can oftentimes be the first place to indicate signs of health issues within the body.”


In addition to its new identity, Trillium Dental has launched a sophisticated new website offering a responsive design, extensive patient resources, advanced functionality and an intuitive user experience. The dynamic vehicle for attracting and educating new patients will also feature an in-depth virtual window into each location. Patients can request appointments online, access forms and other valuable information and securely message their dental providers. The new website goes live today and is located at the same address The goal is to give Trillium an online presence as ubiquitous as its offline presence – all while laying the foundation for optimal oral care.


“We’ve always felt there was a cognitive conflict between who we were deep down and how we expressed ourselves through our brand. Our updated identity reflects where we’ve been, and where we’re headed.” stated Dr. Mark Northcott, DDS and Co-Founder of Trillium Dental. “The Trillium Dental you know is not changing; our brand is simply catching up to who we have always been.”


The refreshed Trillium Dental visual identity is set to come alive in clinics and in all advertising initiatives. The re-branding marketing campaign will leverage merchandise, outdoor advertising, social media channels and a heightened radio presence as part of its launch.


About Trillium Dental


Founded in 2001, Trillium Dental grew from one practice in Ottawa to seven practices across the National Capital Region. The first dental practice was launched with a simple mission: empower patients with the knowledge required to make an informed decision about their oral health. Trillium Dental remains committed to increasing awareness about the importance of oral hygiene and how it is beneficial to complete health – Because Your Mouth Says It All. The business was founded upon the philosophy of providing premium services, a respectful healthcare environment and dedicated professional team members with an unparalleled commitment to their patients and community. Trillium Dental provides a broad range of services, including general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry.