OTTAWA, ONTARIO- Need more inspiration to brush and floss regularly? How about this – researchers at the University of Lancashire in the UK have unearthed convincing evidence linking poor oral health to Alzheimer’s disease. The latest study exploring the dramatic health ramifications of dental hygiene adds to a growing body of research suggesting the significance of adequate tooth care.

While examining brain samples from patients who suffered from dementia, researchers stumbled across the bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis. This unpleasant bacterium is typically associated with periodontitis and cavities. Brain samples from healthy patients did not show signs of P. gingivalis. When entered into the bloodstream, the bacterium can potentially reach the brain on a frequent basis, inducing common dementia symptoms like confusion and memory loss.

Lengthy titles aside, what do these findings mean for the average dental patient? P. gingivalis can be found in the mouths of patients with gum disease and tooth decay and enters into the bloodstream through daily chewing and eating. However, this research is not suggesting that every kid with a cavity is destined to develop dementia. The study simply implies that the bacteria spawned from years of poor oral health can potentially trigger serious general health issues down the line, including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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