Traditionally, it was impossible to have a crown made and restored in a single visit. You needed at least two. One to have your temporary crown placed and another to have your permanent once placed. It was even possible you might need a third appointment if your temporary crown broke or fell out between that time.

But at Trillium Dental, you don’t need extra visits thanks to CEREC. With our CEREC machine we can mill a quality porcelain crown right in our office. That means greater convenience for our patients, who can leave our office with their new smile in place.

How CEREC Works

Your restoration starts with one of our doctors taking a 3D image of the tooth we need to restore. Using this image as a guide, our CEREC machine will go to work on your crown. It only takes about hour to complete. Meanwhile, you don’t have to do anything but relax.

Once your crown’s ready, we’ll simply put it in place, and then you can get back to your normal schedule with your smile stronger and more protected than it was before.