If you’ve had dentures for a while, you’ve probably noticed that your smile has undergone changes. Maybe your dentures don’t fit as well as they used to. They’ve become looser and harder to keep in place. Maybe you’ve even had to have them resized.

Why is this happening?

The answer has everything to do with what happened when you had natural teeth removed. In addition to losing your teeth you also lost the roots that held them in place. These roots had an important job to do. In addition to anchoring your teeth, they also kept your jawbone healthy and strong by stimulating the growth of new bone tissue. Without these roots, your jaw will begin to atrophy.

But with implant dentures from Trillium Dental, you can enjoy a smile with restored functionality and strength.

The first step in restoring your smile with implant dentures is confirming that you’re a candidate for dental implants. Once we’ve done this, we can begin the first stage of your implant procedure—placing your implants. Because dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium, your new implants will actually bond with your jaw over time, as the site of your placement heals. It’s this bond that will give your completed implant dentures solid, natural foundation for the rest of your smile.

Let Trillium Dental Restore Your Smile