As we alluded to in our last blog, there is a range of foods that you can eat to give yourself a boost in dental health.  Not only are many of these foods good for your teeth, but also simply good for you. Here at Trillium Dental, we provide excellent dental services and professional care for Ottawa with a number of dental clinics throughout the city. In today’s blog, we want to introduce you to a number of foods that can actually help strengthen your teeth.


Many dairy products are good for you due to the high amount of calcium in them. Calcium is an essential building block for strong teeth and healthy enamel. Pairing calcium with enough vitamin D is another way of reinforcing your teeth and can come in certain fortified milks and dairy products. Cheese has also been shown to be beneficial, as a 2012 issue of General Dentistry from our American neighbors reported that cheese raises the pH in your mouth which helps protect your enamel and reduces the chances of tooth decay. Yogurt is another great benefactor for your teeth, not only does it have the same beneficial properties for teeth as other dairy products, but it also contains healthy probiotics which help crowd out other harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay.


Just like your mother said, eat your greens. Not only are these delicious foods a brilliant addition to your diet, with high amounts of fiber, micronutrients, and vitamins. Greens like kale and spinach are high in calcium and have folic acid, which is thought to be beneficial to treating gum disease in pregnant women. Leafy greens should be a part of your daily diet. Try to stick to eating them without cooking them or adding them to smoothies to maximize the healthy effects of the greens.


Apples are one of the only sweeter things that are actually beneficial for your teeth. While the sugar in them might be detrimental, they toute high amounts of fiber and water. The high fiber and tooth-sinking bite needed to eat an apple help to stimulate the gums while the water and the saliva you produce while eating this dental treat helps to wash particles and other bacteria out.


While fish has other dietary considerations such as mercury, a fish every once in a while is healthy and helps you strengthen your teeth with an infusion of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your overall health including your immune system and helps your teeth absorb calcium better. In fact, 30% of Canadians are deficient in their vitamin D input. So eat up, and get some sunshine.


Not only do red peppers help add a bit of color to nearly any salad, they also have some of the highest amounts of vitamin C out of any food that people regularly consume. They can be sliced, diced, pickled, roasted, and can fit in a variety of food dishes. The high amounts of vitamin C in red peppers help to reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessels, and is a key ingredient of collagen, which is a key protein in fighting periodontal disease. Anything that helps prevent periodontal disease and its effects are good by us.  


Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and more all carry arginine, a powerful amino acid that helps prevent plaque formation and reduces the chances of cavities. Almonds, also help provide calcium and fiber, while remaining low in sugar. When planning your next snack, a handful of nuts can be a great option. 

Remember that in addition to these foods, it’s important to drink healthy beverages and as a rule of thumb, avoid sugar as much as possible. Your teeth will thank you. Here at Trillium Dental, we hope that our blog has helped you make sure you’re eating right. A healthy diet is a key element to preventing tooth decay, and other dental and periodontal issues. If you are in Ottawa, and looking for high-quality dental services in a relaxed yet professional setting, contact our dental office today.