KANATA AND OTTAWA, ONTARIO-April is National Oral Health Month in Canada and Dr. David Bartos, Dr. Mark Northcott and the Trillium Dental team stress the importance of regular screenings in honor of it.

Our dentists provide oral cancer screenings during each regular office visit to ensure your mouth is safe from quiet killers. The American Dental Association suggests two visits to your dentist per year, and these regular checkups are frequent enough to catch potential problems at an early stage.

While many of our patients enjoy teeth whitening, regular teeth cleanings and Invisalign from our Ottawa cosmetic dentists, our greatest concern is making sure that your mouth is healthy and strong. We inspect your teeth, gums and jaw carefully, and we take the time to discuss your oral health plan with you. Our goal is to provide long-term dental health to our patients. Our doctors excel in cosmetic dentistry, restorative, sedation and family dentistry.

More than 36,500 patients are diagnosed with oral cancer annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The five-year survival rate for these cancers is only about 50 percent,” the CDC says, and the earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the survival rate. In Canada, around 3,200 new oral cancer cases spring up, and more than 1,000 sufferers die of oral cancer every year.

U.S. residents can sift through events for April and beyond, including awareness walks, educational seminars, and oral cancer screenings. The Oral Cancer Foundation’s calendar lists events across the country, and you can even add your own event to the list. Americans recognize April as Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

If you’re concerned that you could have early signs of oral cancer, call our friendly Trillium Dental staff to set up an appointment today. Here, our oral cancer screenings aren’t limited to just one month.