OTTAWA, ONTARIO – You know it’s coming. Every six months, it’s time to visit the Ottawa dentist for those pesky cleanings. If your smile is in generally good health, you may not see the necessity in these regular checkups. However, skipping the occasional dental cleaning can produce serious and unsightly consequences.

1. To keep your teeth. This claim may seem drastic, but your teeth face many threats to their stability on a daily basis. The advancement of gum disease and tooth decay can trigger tooth loss by eroding the enamel and weakening the bone that anchors the teeth. The best way to guard against tooth loss is by seeing a dental professional regularly for cleanings and treatment. Patients may believe they’re thoroughly cleaning teeth and gums, but they can only see what’s in the mirror. Dental hygienists possess the training, appropriate tools and viewpoints to remove all plaque that can cause conditions which result in tooth loss. Powerful topical fluoride treatments are also administered to fortify the enamel and protect teeth from decay or the need for removal. Professional dental care is the best way to sustain teeth and eliminate the need for dentures later in life.

2. To aid your overall health. The evidence is mounting that claims poor oral health can result in negative health effects elsewhere in the body, specifically the cardiovascular region. Multiple studies have uncovered links between gum disease and stroke, high cholesterol, heart disease and even early labor in expectant mothers. Periodontitis (gum disease) occurs when the health of the gums are neglected, most commonly by a lack of proper brushing. Bacteria spawned from accumulated plaque can enter the bloodstream through inflamed gums and promote disease. For this reason, having cemented plaque removed and gums examined by a professional is crucial. Trillium Dental offers comprehensive periodontal care to ensure the health of patients’ smiles, and perhaps their hearts!

3. To keep fresh breath. Bad breath is…bad. Onions on a cheeseburger or garlic in pasta sauce aren’t the only ways to acquire unfavorable breath. In fact, most people have bad breath because of a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Mouthwash is a solid defense against bad breath, but sometimes, professional help is needed. Every patient’s mouth is cleaned thoroughly at regular checkups using powerful products not available in stores to help guarantee a fresh feeling. Such treatments can remove plaque and germs wedged in hard to reach areas commonly missed by patients.

4. To detect dental cancer. Just as regular blood tests and screenings are required to check for cancers, dental checkups are needed to spot the oral variety. Despite common thought, smokers and tobacco users aren’t the only ones vulnerable to this dangerous and aggressive form of cancer. Oral cancers are often caused by the HPV virus and can develop in the mouths of patients who refrain from behavioral risks. Unfortunately, oral cancer is often deadly because many patients don’t seek help until they notice obvious symptoms that generally surface in later stages. With that said, early detection is key to beating this disease. Visiting the dentist every 6 months for cleanings will allow Dr. Bartos or Dr. Northcott to spot any developing issues.

Even if your mouth is healthy, regular cleanings are necessary to achieve a radiant and healthy smile. Skipping the occasional appointment may seem harmless, but your mouth will likely suffer the consequences.

Have you forgotten to schedule a cleaning? Contact Trillium Dental to set up your appointment. Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott offer metal-free dentistry and popular smile solutions like Invisalign, Porcelain Veneers and crowns to further help create the smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t neglect oral hygiene – stop by for a brief cleaning and enjoy the assurance of a healthy smile.