NEPEAN, ONTARIO – Most adults have outgrown fears of the boogey man and broccoli, but anxieties toward dental work still linger in many grown patients. While modern dentistry has made advances in reducing the severity of some procedures, many necessary treatments still prove to be a bit uncomfortable. Because of this reality, the professionals at Trillium Dental offer a variety of sedation options to patients struggling with dental anxieties.

To help eliminate the fears patients often face when considering extensive tooth care, Nepean dentists Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott have received special training in sedation dentistry. Patients can select from three effective and safe sedation options at Trillium Dental.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a more subtle sedative that allows patients to relax during dental procedures. The odorless gas is known for its speedy pain-eliminating effect and inducing a pleasant state during more brief treatments. Nitrous oxide is highly effective yet light, so many consider this sedation option to be ideal. Patients return to a full state of consciousness in only a few minutes after the gas supply is cut and are able to drive home.

Oral Sedation

A step up from nitrous oxide, oral sedation is a deeper form of sedative perfect for patients with heightened dental phobias and low pain tolerances. Simply take a pill before your appointment (there are a variety Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott can prescribe) and enjoy a pain-free treatment experience. Because these drugs are increasingly powerful, patients will need to have a friend or family member drive them to and from the appointment. It’s also wise to stay with someone until the effects from the medication have completely worn off. Petitioning a friend or family member to accompany you during your appointment may seem like a hassle, but the painless dental work will be well worth the effort.

IV Sedation

IV sedation supplies the strongest level of relief for more invasive procedures. Although known as “sleep dentistry,” patients undergoing IV sedation are conscious and can respond to questions. This option is suitable for those with extreme dental anxieties, bad gag reflexes or low pain tolerances. Patients achieve a deeply relaxed state by receiving medication through a very small needle placed in a vein on the hand or inner elbow. The results are speedy and effective, eliminating pain from even the most involved procedures. Like oral sedation, patients will need someone to drive them to and from the office.

Contemplating extensive dental work and sedatives can be a frightening thought, but patients can be assured that all of Trillium Dental’s sedation methods are proven to be safe and highly effective. Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott, who offer Nepean family dentistry services, have both received training at prestigious dental programs like the Las Vegas Institute and excel in sedation dentistry.

Don’t allow old anxieties to hinder you from receiving important dental care. With Trillium Dental’s viable sedation options, everyone can pleasantly achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they’ve always desired. Trillium also offers cosmetic and neuromuscular solutions, along with general dentistry and teeth whitening in Nepean and other nearby locations. Schedule a consultation with their friendly team to acquire more information about these sedation options and other dental care services.