Do the words “root canal” send shivers down your spine? For many patients it does. The fear likely stems from the distant past, when root canals were performed without modern tools or anesthetics. Today’s root canal treatment is a safe, effective, and relatively comfortable procedure, often completed in just one visit.

So, What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a treatment to remove the infection from inside the tooth. The infection can occur after a deep cavity, large crack, or fracture leaves the inside of the tooth susceptible to bacteria. The rest is often pain and swelling, which can be alleviated with root canal treatment.

When we’ve removed the infected nerve, we’ll remove any debris or bacteria left behind and fill your canal with a special sealer. The last step is putting a filling on the exterior of your tooth, and then you’re done.

Follow-up care involves thorough brushing and flossing at home and regular visits to one of our Trillium Dental offices for cleanings and checkups. After root canal treatment has been completed, your restored tooth can potentially last you for a lifetime.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about concerns about root canal therapy, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry don’t hesitate to give one of our offices a call. We have locations in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, and Stittsville and one of our doctors would be happy to meet with you.