Dental crowns have been used for decades as a way to protect and restore damaged teeth, rather than extracting them altogether. They offer reinforcement for cracked or broken teeth, and they are always used to “cap” teeth that have undergone root canal treatment for added protection. Without dental crowns, dental bridges, and other restorative dentistry techniques, many patients would require tooth extractions and dental implant replacements.

At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, our dentists are firm believers that no tooth replacement is as good as natural teeth, which is why we do everything in our power to save patients’ teeth and only use extraction as a last resort. Contact one of our dental clinics in Alta Vista, Kanata, Orleans, Downtown Ottawa, Stittsville, Stittsville West, or the Westgate or Bayshore Mall to book an appointment, or continue reading to learn more about the dental crowns we offer.


As previously mentioned, traditional dental crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth, such as a tooth that has been cracked or broken. Dental crowns are also a critical part of root canal therapy because they act as a shield to protect the brittle tooth underneath. This is due to the fact that during a root canal procedure, your dentist drills into the tooth and removes the infected pulpy center that would otherwise keep the tooth alive and strong. When a rubbery replacement is inserted into the empty cavity, the tooth becomes weak and requires reinforcement so it doesn’t break under pressure. During the root canal treatment, a temporary dental crown is fitted to the tooth and protects it until the patient comes in for their second appointment, where a permanent dental crown is bound to the tooth.

Traditional dental crowns aren’t always white, either. Some are made of stainless steel (usually temporary), metal, or a metal alloy, while others have porcelain fused to the metal or are completely ceramic. It really just depends on what is offered at your family dental clinic and for how much. Nonetheless, traditional dental crowns offer permanent protection for teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted.


At many of our Ottawa dentist offices, we are pleased to offer CEREC dental crowns for patients who want a more discreet solution for their damaged or brittle teeth. Thanks to recent advancements in CAD-CAM dental technology, these white tooth crowns are just as strong as traditional dental crowns that are made with metal, but they look perfectly natural. Plus, dentists are able to create as many permanent CEREC crowns as patients need in one single appointment, eliminating the hassle of temporary dental crowns. So, say goodbye to weeks of dealing with metal crowns and get all of your dental crowns in one appointment at Trillium Dental!


Now that you know a bit more about the different kinds of dental crowns we offer at our Ottawa dental clinics, it’s time to quit putting off that root canal treatment or forgetting to cap that chipped molar. Contact Trillium Dental today to make an appointment or book your next dental exam online!