1. Staying On Top Of Your Oral Hygiene At Home: Part 2

    If you read part one of this blog series about forming good oral hygiene habits at home, you already know how important it is to brush your teeth twice per day, floss daily, and incorporate a little mouthwash into your oral health routine. Of course, there are many other ways you can keep your teeth…Read More

  2. Staying On Top Of Your Oral Hygiene At Home: Part 1

    Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of both your dental health and the overall health of your body. As much as we don’t like to admit it, our mouths are full of hundreds of different species of germs and bacteria — both good and bad. You may have even heard the myth that dogs have …Read More

  3. Your Guide To Periodontal Treatments

    Not many people know what gingivitis or periodontal disease is, yet according to the Canadian Dental Association, nearly 70 percent of Canadians will develop some form of gum disease over the course of their lives. While this figure might come across as alarming at first, it makes sense when you con…Read More

  4. Restorative Dentistry 101

    Restorative dentistry encompasses many different forms of oral surgeries and procedures, from replacing missing teeth and repairing those that are damaged to inserting dental implants and performing root canal treatments. With so many things falling under this umbrella, not many people outside the m…Read More

  5. Neuromuscular Dentistry: How It Works And When You Need It

    One of the dental services we provide here at Trillium Dental in Ottawa is neuromuscular dentistry, which encompasses a wide range of pain relief treatments for patients who are suffering from a misaligned jaw. Our neuromuscular dentistry procedures involve the correction of misaligned jaws by relax…Read More

  6. How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

    Not all people are born with a perfect smile. In fact, very few are. The reality is that even if you have straight teeth as a child, you never know what the outcome will be when you lose your baby teeth and the permanent ones take their place. Some people experience crooked teeth and crowding, while…Read More

  7. How Does Invisalign Work?

    Invisalign® is one of the most groundbreaking technological advancements we have seen in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, as it provides a far more convenient and comfortable alternative to braces. Not only is Invisalign less inhibiting for patients who are undergoing a teeth strai…Read More

  8. What Are Smile-In-A-Day Dental Implants?

    Dental implant surgery is one of the most innovative dental procedures today, as it provides a far more effective, comfortable, and visually appealing alternative to traditional dentures. Thanks to dental implants, no longer do patients with periodontal disease or missing teeth have to cover their c…Read More

  9. What To Expect During Your First General Dentistry Appointment

    Here at Trillium Dental in Ottawa, our family dentists take great pride in providing their patients with exceptional dental services. We understand that not everyone loves going to the dentist, and if this sounds like you, you certainly aren’t alone. Everyone is welcome at Trillium Dental, whether…Read More