1. Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign: Part 2

    Now that you know a little more about Invisalign® teeth straightening treatments and how they work, you’re probably wondering about the logistics, such as the cost of Invisalign, what our dental consultations are like, and how often you’ll need to visit our Ottawa dental clinic for checkups and…Read More

  2. Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign: Part 1

    At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we are pleased to offer Invisalign® teeth straightening treatments for dental patients who prefer a more discreet method than braces. These “clear braces” come with a number of benefits, as they are much less noticeable than metal brackets and generally cause patie…Read More

  3. Dental Crowns Vs. Dental Bridges: What’s The Difference?

    When it comes to restorative dentistry treatments and procedures, the technical terminology can be confusing for some patients — and who can blame them? After all, we’re the experts in restorative dentistry, having completed years of dental school and certifications on top of performing regular …Read More

  4. Got Yellow Teeth? Here Are 5 Foods To Avoid

    If you’re like most people, you’d love to have perfectly white teeth without having to do anything to maintain the beautiful shine of your pearly whites, but for many people, this is simply not a reality. There are many factors that play into the color of your teeth and their overall appearance,…Read More

  5. Causes, Symptoms & Risks Of Gum Disease: Part 2

    In part one of this blog series, we discussed some of the main causes of gum disease (also referred to as periodontitis or periodontal disease), including poor oral hygiene, a sugar-filled diet, alcohol consumption, and smoking cigarettes. At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we regularly treat patients wh…Read More

  6. Causes, Symptoms & Risks Of Gum Disease: Part 1

    Periodontal disease is a common dental health condition that affects billions of people around the world, and Ottawa is no exception. However, the good news is that gum disease is almost always preventable if you maintain proper oral hygiene habits and make regular trips to your local dental clinic …Read More

  7. Reasons To Consider Smile-In-A-Day Dental Implants

    The term “dental implants” might sound off-putting to some, considering that they are a permanent tooth replacement that requires dental surgery. However, dental implants are nothing to be afraid of — in fact, they are the ideal solution for many patients who suffer from tooth decay or otherwi…Read More

  8. Root Canals: What You Need To Know

    Root canals seem to have gotten a bad rap over the years, perhaps due to exaggerated stories, fictional movies, and the fact that not many people actually know what root canal treatment is. Obviously, root canals aren’t as scary or painful as the dentist in Finding Nemo makes them seem, so our tea…Read More

  9. Tips For Whitening Your Teeth At Home

    If you love coffee, red wine, berries, Coke, and other dark foods and drinks, odds are, your teeth will start to show it over time. It’s unfortunate that some of our favorite foods can stain our teeth and turn them yellow, even if we brush and floss religiously. However, the good news is that ther…Read More

  10. Causes And Symptoms Of TMJ Dysfunction

    Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as TMJ disorder, is a very common condition involving persistent jaw pain and restricted movement of the muscles surrounding the jawbone. At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we commonly treat patients with TMJ disorder and help them realign their jaw to its …Read More