1. Seven Simple Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

    Among the most desired facial aesthetics is a dazzling white smile, but obtaining a glowing grin is trickier than some may think. As coffee guzzlers know well, the regular consumption of almost every dark colored beverage and select foods can easily stain teeth. Aging also plays a factor, as the pro…Read More

  2. Chewing Gum Provides Delicious Smile Benefits for Patients

    NEPEAN, ONTARIO- Odds are you were chastised by your school teacher for smacking gum in the classroom a time or two. Despite years of negative association, chewing gum can provide a few awesome benefits for teeth. The team of professionals at dentistry practice Trillium Dental in Nepean explains how…Read More

  3. Five Surprising Ways You Can Damage Your Teeth

    ORLEANS, ONTARIO – Think indulging in sugary candies, smoking and guzzling red wine are the only ways to harm teeth? Think again. While it’s true that teeth are among the toughest structures in the body, they’re also incredibly sensitive to a number of activities we often do daily. Orleans fam…Read More

  4. Six Ways to Win the Brushing Battle With Your Children

    The primary concern of most young children is when they can get their hands on the next chocolate chip cookie or lollipop. Needless to say, implementing a proper dental hygiene is not on a child’s priority list. It should be on the parent’s list, however. A clean smile is essential for people of…Read More

  5. Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

    You already know that brushing and flossing is important for your smile. But did you also know that what happens to your smile can have a significant impact on the rest of your body as well? Recent studies have shown that many serious health problems can be tied to gum disease. Among the biggest are…Read More

  6. Oral Cancer Screenings Go a Long Way for National Oral Health Month

    KANATA AND OTTAWA, ONTARIO-April is National Oral Health Month in Canada and Dr. David Bartos, Dr. Mark Northcott and the Trillium Dental team stress the importance of regular screenings in honor of it. Our dentists provide oral cancer screenings during each regular office visit to ensure your mouth…Read More

  7. New Research Reveals Gum Disease’s Destruction of the Jaw Bone

    KANATA, ONTARIO- The established repercussions of gum disease are already gruesome, but things just got a bit nastier. According to a recent study, the bacterium found to induce gum disease is also capable of destroying the jaw bone. Interestingly, this bacterium wreaks its havoc not by damaging the…Read More

  8. Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Cleaning

    OTTAWA, ONTARIO - You know it’s coming. Every six months, it’s time to visit the dentist for those pesky cleanings. If your smile is in generally good health, you may not see the necessity in these regular checkups. However, skipping the occasional dental cleaning can produce serious and unsight…Read More