At Trillium Dental, we offer comprehensive dental services in order to ensure that our patients get the dental care they need to live happy, healthy lives. Our dental services span general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, Invisalign®, and more. Here, you’ll find information about spring cleaning for your smile, as well as reasons why you shouldn’t skip your dental cleaning, motivation to replace missing teeth, and other pieces of advice to help you maintain a beautiful smile. Looking to book your next dental exam in Ottawa? Contact us today to set up an appointment, or fill out our form online.

  1. Five Big Reasons to Quit Biting Your Nails

    KANATA, ONTARIO- Nail biting is a common societal pet peeve, but your teeth are fed up with the habit, too. The frequent practice of nail biting can inflict serious health and aesthetic issues on teeth and gums, not to mention fingernail mutilation. Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott from Orleans family d…Read More

  2. Three Health Reasons to Replace That Missing Tooth

    STITTSVILLE, ONTARIO- Most can agree a smile void of a few teeth isn’t the best look, but the top reasons to seek tooth replacement aren’t strictly aesthetic. Did you know failing to replace a missing tooth endangers the health of your smile? Many Canadians have lost one or more teeth due to a d…Read More

  3. Not Eating Your Veggies?

    STITTSVILLE, ONTARIO- Not surprisingly, what you put in your mouth affects your oral health. What you don’t put in your mouth may have an even greater impact. Have you been skimping on your vegetables lately? Vitamin deficiencies can manifest in your smile. It’s important to incorporate a balanc…Read More

  4. Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Cleaning

    OTTAWA, ONTARIO- You know it’s coming. Every six months, it’s time to visit the dentist for those pesky cleanings. If your smile is in generally good health, you may not see the necessity in these regular checkups. However, skipping the occasional dental cleaning can produce serious and unsightl…Read More

  5. Kanata Family Dentistry Dissects Diet Soda Scare

    KANATA, ONTARIO- Shocking reports contending diet soda’s effect on teeth mirrors that of crack cocaine and methamphetamine have littered news outlets as of late – but is this assertion true? While the beverage certainly isn’t “good” for teeth, the foundation of the claims has been common k…Read More

  6. “Combat Gum” To Battle Cavities in Soldiers

    NEPEAN, ONTARIO- There’s a new weapon in the battle against tooth decay- and it’s minty fresh. The United States Army has unveiled its newest creation: “combat gum.” After seven years of development, the Army is confident its specially formulated, anti-cavity gum will improve the dental heal…Read More

  7. Spring Cleaning For Your Smile

    Spring and its traditional cleaning rituals are just around the corner. When sprucing up your garage and kitchen, don’t forget about your teeth and gums! Attending routine dental appointments is the best way to ensure your smile is as fresh as the spring air. Here’s some important information re…Read More

  8. What Is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

    If you’ve ever heard a dentist or another medical professional use the term neuromuscular dentistry, you may have wondered what exactly neuromuscular dentistry is. Essentially, neuromuscular dentistry is concerned with treating problems like bruxism and TMJ-dysfunction. In both cases, patients may…Read More

  9. Don’t Fear Halloween Candy: Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Halloween

    OTTAWA, ONTARIO – When you think of Halloween, you probably think of costumes and cold weather, pumpkins and spider webs. You might be planning a costume party or gathering candy to hand out to neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Your dentist in Ottawa is thinking of your teeth. Drs. David Bartos and…Read More