NEPEAN, ONTARIO – Most adults have outgrown fears of the boogey man and broccoli, but anxieties toward dental work still linger in many grown patients. While modern dentistry has made advances in reducing the severity of some procedures, many necessary treatments still prove to be a bit uncomfortable. Because of this reality, the professionals at Trillium Dental offer a variety of sedation options to patients struggling with dental anxieties.

To help eliminate the fears patients often face when considering extensive tooth care, Nepean dentists Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott have received special training in sedation dentistry. Patients can select from three effective and safe sedation options at Trillium Dental.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a more subtle sedative that allows patients to relax during dental procedures. The odorless gas is known for its speedy pain-eliminating effect and inducing a pleasant state during more brief treatments. Nitrous oxide is highly effective yet light, so many consider this sedation option to be ideal. Patients return to a full state of consciousness in only a few minutes after the gas supply is cut and are able to drive home.

Oral Sedation

A step up from nitrous oxide, oral sedation is a deeper form of sedative perfect for patients with heightened dental phobias and low pain tolerances. Simply take a pill before your appointment (there are a variety Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott can prescribe) and enjoy a pain-free treatment experience. Because these drugs are increasingly powerful, patients will need to have a friend or family member drive them to and from the appointment. It’s also wise to stay with someone until the effects from the medication have completely worn off. Petitioning a friend or family member to accompany you during your appointment may seem like a hassle, but the painless dental work will be well worth the effort.

IV Sedation

IV sedation supplies the strongest level of relief for more invasive procedures. Although known as “sleep dentistry,” patients undergoing IV sedation are conscious and can respond to questions. This option is suitable for those with extreme dental anxieties, bad gag reflexes or low pain tolerances. Patients achieve a deeply relaxed state by receiving medication through a very small needle placed in a vein on the hand or inner elbow. The results are speedy and effective, eliminating pain from even the most involved procedures. Like oral sedation, patients will need someone to drive them to and from the office.

Contemplating extensive dental work and sedatives can be a frightening thought, but patients can be assured that all of Trillium Dental’s sedation methods are proven to be safe and highly effective. Dr. Bartos and Dr. Northcott, who offer Nepean family dentistry services, have both received training at prestigious dental programs like the Las Vegas Institute and excel in sedation dentistry.

Don’t allow old anxieties to hinder you from receiving important dental care. With Trillium Dental’s viable sedation options, everyone can pleasantly achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they’ve always desired. Trillium also offers cosmetic and neuromuscular solutions, along with general dentistry and teeth whitening in Nepean and other nearby locations. Schedule a consultation with their friendly team to acquire more information about these sedation options and other dental care services.

Survey Says Women Are More Likely Voice Their Fears of Dental Treatment

Survey Says Women Are More Likely Voice Their Fears of Dental Treatment

Some men think women don’t mask their feelings well. That statement as a whole can be debated, but when it comes to dental anxieties, they’re right.

Data from the Adult Dental Health Survey in Britain recently offered some interesting findings. After viewing pictures of dental procedures in action, women who admitted to having dental phobias were an incredible six times more likely to be disgusted by the images, compared with women who had no qualms regarding dentistry. The study also found that women voiced their disgust and fear of dental work considerably more than men who had the same anxieties. In addition, almost half of the adults surveyed were moderate to severely afraid of the dentist.

The solution to these common dental fears isn’t to avoid the dentist’s office at all costs. Maintaining a clean and healthy smile is vital to multiple aspects of your health, and professional care is the only way to ensure your teeth and gums are thriving. Trillium Dental, a trusted provider of family dentistry in Ottawa, encourages patients to take a hint from the women in the survey and voice their concerns to their dentist.

The thought of receiving extensive dental work can be scary. We understand. Our team of dentists and hygienists aim to make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed so they can receive important treatments in a stress-free environment. We excel in caring for patients with dental anxieties and incorporate modern technologies and techniques that reduce discomfort during treatment.

For those with severe phobias, we offer sedation dentistry. Depending on the type of procedure and your anxiety levels, we can administer three types of safe and proven sedatives. This includes IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide, known as “laughing gas.” All three of these options allow us to care for your teeth and gums while you remain totally at ease.

Can you relate with the anxious men and women in the survey? If so, we encourage you to visit one of our office locations in Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans or Stittsville. Dentists and hygienists will work with you to ensure a relaxing and stress-free treatment and the outcome of a healthy smile. Give Trillium Dental a call to learn more.



If you’ve ever scratched your gums with an ice cube or crunchy chip, you know gums are sensitive. That’s why we at Trillium Dental, a trusted provider of dentistry in the Kanata area, take a gentler approach to gum disease treatment.

LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, and it’s revolutionizing the way gum disease is treated. Developed by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., LANAP is a comfortable laser alternative to traditional and painful scalpel and suture surgeries.

Here’s a brief overview of a minimally invasive and comfortable LANAP procedure session:

  • A Trillium dentist will conduct an assessment to determine the scope of the infection. LANAP is virtually painless and does not require sedation, but we do offer nitrous oxide, oral and IV sedation options for patients with dental anxieties.
  • A remarkably tiny fiber, only about the size of three hairs, is gently placed between the teeth and gums to eliminate the infected tissue in the pocket and kills the germs responsible for gum disease. The fiber leaves healthy tissue unharmed. This action improves accessibility to deeper areas of the pocket.
  • The fiber is replaced with a small ultrasonic root cleaner. The ultrasonic root cleaner is used in the pocket to vibrate off tough calcium deposits off the surface of the tooth. An anti-bacterial rinse is then used to wash them away.
  • Once the tooth is clean, the fiber is used again to disinfect the floor of the pocket and remove any remaining diseased tissue. The root and bone are also sterilized.
  • The fiber causes the blood surrounding the pocket to become sticky and form clots, which seals the once receded gum back to the tooth and prevents dangerous bacteria from re-entering the gum line.

The Canadian Dental Association states seven out of 10 Canadians will develop gum disease in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many Canadians don’t seek professional treatment because they’re fearful of traditional cut and sew procedures. If left untreated, gum disease can prompt tooth loss and jaw bone deterioration. General health conditions like stroke, dementia and heart disease have been linked to diseased gums, as well.

If your gums are especially sensitive, inflamed, bleeding or beginning to recede from the tooth, we urge you to give us a call. In only two, 2 hour sessions and two follow-up visits, your gums can be healed- comfortably. Visit us to learn if LANAP is the best treatment for you.


If you’re one of the millions of Canadians who avoid dental visits each year because of anxiety, you could be putting yourself at greater risk for cavities, gum disease, or tooth decay. That’s why Trillium Dental offers sedation dentistry as one of our services.

Now, anxiety doesn’t have to stand between you and your oral health. Whether you experience mild, moderate, or extreme anxiety, with Trillium Dental you can finally have the smile you deserve.

Which Type of Sedation Is Most Right For Me?

The option that’s most right for you will depend on your level of anxiety. Patients with mild anxiety may only need nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, while patients with moderate to extreme anxiety may want to consider oral or IV sedation.

All three can safely and significantly reduce feelings of anxiety. In fact, with oral and IV sedation, you may become so relaxed you actually fall asleep in the dental chair. Their effects last much longer than nitrous oxide, though, so patients who choose oral or IV sedation will need a friend or family member at their appointment to drive them home afterward.

A More Comfortable, Relaxing Dental Visit

Maintaining your oral health doesn’t have to be a cause for anxiety. If you want to know how you can have a more comfortable, relaxing dental visit—or to just schedule your next regular appointment- 0r if you have any question about invisalign and dental implants—contact us today. We have offices in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans and Stittsville.


Dental anxiety is a very real problem, and one that keeps millions of patients from seeking regular care each year. That’s why Trillium Dental offers sedation dentistry.

With sedation dentistry, patients who have put off checkups and cleanings in the past because of anxiety can finally experience relaxing treatment that will help them achieve their optimal oral health.

Trillium Dental Has Three Options to Choose From

The first option is nitrous oxide, better known as “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is administered through a breathing mask and wears off quickly, allowing you to drive yourself home afterwards. It’s completely safe for adults and children alike, and is a great choice for patients who want to remain conscious during their appointment.

Oral sedation, our second option, is administered in the form of a small pill you’ll take before your appointment. Like nitrous oxide, it’s powerful enough to induce feelings of relaxation yet light enough for you to remain conscious during your appointment. Unlike nitrous oxide, though, oral sedation takes longer to wear off, so you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home afterwards.

Intravenous (IV) sedation is our third, and most powerful, option for patients. In fact, “sleep dentistry” might be a good name for it, considering how relaxed it makes patients feel. As the name suggests, IV sedation is administered through an IV and is a great choice for patients with more extreme forms of dental anxiety. Because IV sedation is so powerful, though, you’ll need someone with you to drive you home once your appointment is finished.