Now that you know a little more about Invisalign® teeth straightening treatments and how they work, you’re probably wondering about the logistics, such as the cost of Invisalign, what our dental consultations are like, and how often you’ll need to visit our Ottawa dental clinic for checkups and new Invisalign retainers. Here in part two of this blog series, our team at Trillium Dental will dive into some of the finer details of our Invisalign treatments, so continue reading for answers to more commonly asked questions about Invisalign!


As family dentists, we get this question all the time, and the truth is that the price of Invisalign treatments varies from person to person. This is because some dental patients will require more Invisalign retainers than others (especially if they have a drastic overbite, underbite, or overlapping teeth), as well as additional dental appointments for checkups or to replace lost retainers. Another factor to consider is dental insurance, as some dental insurance plans cover teeth straightening treatments and others do not, and in many cases, they only cover a certain percentage or monetary amount of the overall cost. Nevertheless, the cost of Invisalign is typically very similar to the cost of braces, as recent advancements in dental technology have made this method of teeth straightening more accessible for many dental patients.


One great thing about Invisalign is that many dentists today receive specialized training in the Invisalign treatment, meaning that patients can visit a number of Ottawa dental clinics for these “clear braces” without having to see an orthodontist, which is a separate dental practice. Invisalign technology is much different than that of traditional braces in the sense that there are no metal brackets to glue, wires to fasten, or rubber bands to replace. Rather, Invisalign retainers are a series of clear plastic trays that are molded to your teeth with gradual adjustments that result in a perfectly straight smile with no strings (or pokey metal wires) attached. At Trillium Dental, our family dentists are trained and experienced in Invisalign treatments, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in straightening your teeth with these “invisible braces.”


Since every patient’s smile is unique, we begin every Invisalign treatment with an initial consultation at our Ottawa dental office. During this appointment, our dentists will look at the current alignment of your teeth in order to determine how you could benefit from this teeth straightening method. Here, we’ll assess your dental insurance coverage and payment options, then take a look at your bite, the space between your teeth (gaps, crowding, or overlapping), and your overall oral health. If we determine that you would be a good candidate for Invisalign, we’ll schedule another dental appointment where the first set of Invisalign trays is molded to your teeth. Then, you’ll return for regular dental checkups throughout the treatment period (typically every four to six weeks) to ensure your progress with Invisalign.


Invisalign is the preferred teeth straightening method of many dental patients in the area, and we are pleased to offer this cosmetic dentistry procedure at our Ottawa dental clinic. Contact us today to check out Invisalign before and after photos or read Invisalign reviews from happy patients we’ve helped in the past. Our family dentists understand the importance of quality dental care, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about Invisalign or any of our other dental treatments.

If you have further questions about Invisalign, contact our dentists today or book your consultation online at Trillium Dental in Ottawa. We look forward to meeting you!


At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we are pleased to offer Invisalign® teeth straightening treatments for dental patients who prefer a more discreet method than braces. These “clear braces” come with a number of benefits, as they are much less noticeable than metal brackets and generally cause patients less discomfort. Invisalign is the clear choice for many adolescents and adults alike, but many have questions about this advanced dental technology. From our family dentists and dental hygienists, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Invisalign.


Some patients who visit our Ottawa dental clinic for cosmetic dentistry treatments aren’t quite sure what Invisalign is, much less how it works or why so many people prefer it over traditional braces. Put simply, Invisalign is a teeth straightening method in which a set of clear retainers (also referred to as “clear braces”) are molded to a patient’s teeth with each set being slightly more straight than the one before. These teeth straightening retainers are clear and removable, making them a subtle and comfortable alternative to metal brackets with wires, rubber bands, spacers, etc. Plus, Invisalign is equally as effective as braces!


Another commonly asked question about Invisalign is how the treatment works, given that there are no metal brackets glued to the teeth with metal wires holding them in position. The answer is actually quite simple — Invisalign retainers work by holding your teeth in place with a clear plastic retainer that has been molded to the teeth, which gets switched out with the next retainer after just one to two weeks. These micro-adjustments continue until the patient is on the last retainer in the set, which is the ideal position of their teeth. When the patient has reached this stage of their Invisalign treatment, one of our dentists will assess their progress to ensure that no further corrections need to be made. Then, the patient will be provided with a retainer to wear at night from then on out in order to ensure that their teeth do not move out of the proper alignment over time.


Like braces, the treatment duration of Invisalign is contingent on a number of factors, particularly how diligently you wear your teeth straightening retainers. The Invisalign treatment typically takes between 12 and 15 months to complete, assuming that the patient has worn their retainers at all times (ideally 22 hours per day), except to eat, floss, and brush their teeth. Oftentimes, Invisalign treatments take less time to complete than braces (which can take more than two years), but it can be tempting for patients to remove their retainers more often than recommended, which can prolong the process. However, if you’re consistent with wearing your Invisalign retainers as often as you should, in addition to maintaining good oral hygiene habits, you’ll have perfectly straight teeth in no time!


As previously mentioned, there are many benefits of Invisalign teeth straightening treatments in terms of both aesthetics and patient comfort. Many dental patients opt for Invisalign because the retainers are clear and thus more difficult for others to notice at work and in other social settings, which gives them more confidence when talking with others. Not only are these “invisible braces” less noticeable than braces, but they are also less apparent to the patient, as they acclimate to them quickly and don’t have to endure the constant irritation of tightened wires, cheek scarring, and other painful complications of braces.

With this is the benefit of being able to eat whatever you want, as you can remove Invisalign retainers before you eat, then brush and floss your teeth before putting them back in. Anyone who has had braces knows how frustrating it is to not be able to enjoy your favorite foods because of your braces, and with Invisalign, that’s not an issue. So, don’t be afraid to bite into an apple or chew on your favorite candy when your Invisalign retainers are out, as long as you make sure to keep up on your oral health routine so you don’t encounter dental problems like cavities, gingivitis, or cracked teeth.


Got more questions about Invisalign? Want to know what Invisalign costs and which types of dental insurance apply to this treatment? Continue to part two of this blog series, or contact our family dentists to learn more about the Invisalign treatment process. Our dentists would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and we welcome new patients to our Ottawa dental office to take advantage of our teeth straightening options and family dental care. And, if you’re ready to get started, schedule your Invisalign consultation today at Trillium Dental to see whether clear braces are right for you!


Invisalign® is one of the most groundbreaking technological advancements we have seen in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, as it provides a far more convenient and comfortable alternative to braces. Not only is Invisalign less inhibiting for patients who are undergoing a teeth straightening procedure, but it is also nearly invisible to others and takes less time to complete. That being said, many of our patients at Trillium Dental in Ottawa seek out Invisalign as a comfortable and discreet way to straighten their teeth. If you’re interested, here’s how it works!


Sometimes referred to as “clear braces,” Invisalign comes in the form of see-through retainers that have been molded to fit in your mouth with minimal discomfort and visibility. Your dentist will do this by taking an imprint of your teeth and ordering a set of teeth straightening trays that range from the first micro-adjustment to the final one, which keeps your teeth perfectly straight. Invisalign retainers are removable for eating and drinking, so it is critical for you to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day for them to be most effective.


After two weeks of diligently wearing your first Invisalign retainer, you can switch it out for the next one in the progression, and so on and so forth until you reach the last teeth straightening tray. This is the equivalent of having your braces tightened, except it tends to be much less painful because it does not involve an orthodontist cranking the wires on your teeth. Of course, this varies from person to person, and some will feel more discomfort than others. It all comes down to how consistent you are with wearing the trays as often as they are meant to be worn.


The process of straightening teeth with Invisalign retainers should only take 15 months, and the end result is well worth the wait. Once you have worn the final aligner tray for two weeks, we will have you visit our dental office so we can evaluate your teeth one final time. If your teeth are perfectly straight and any other issues such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or crowding have been corrected, we will provide you with one more retainer to wear only at night. This will ensure that all the time, money, and hard work you invested over the last year will not go to waste, and that you will have a beautiful, straight smile for years to come.


It goes without saying that Invisalign is the top choice for adults and teens who want to straighten their teeth without the pain, hassle, and embarrassment of braces. After all, the point of a teeth straightening procedure is to improve your oral health and build up your confidence, not make you even more self-conscious with metal brackets on your teeth. If you are interested in getting Invisalign retainers, contact our dentists at Trillium Dental in Ottawa today! We would love to provide you with the discreet teeth straightening trays you need to regain confidence in your smile.


As adults who have undergone teeth straightening procedures ourselves, our dentists and periodontists at Trillium Dental in Ottawa know just how difficult it can be to pursue braces as an adult. There are many reasons why this is so, and we’ve heard them all time and time again. For many adults, braces cause a level of discomfort and self-consciousness that no one wants to experience during adulthood. Yet, these things shouldn’t keep you from obtaining a beautiful smile that you can feel confident about for the rest of your life.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about braces: they’re dorky, they hurt, they’re meant for teenagers, everyone will notice them — the list goes on. In reality, it is perfectly alright to need braces as an adult, and no stereotype should stand in your way of seeking the dental care you need. However, recent technological advancements in the field of dentistry have made it possible for adults to be much more discreet about their teeth straightening processes. One of our all-time favorites is Invisalign®.


Invisalign is similar to traditional braces in the sense that it serves to straighten your teeth over time, providing you with a stunning smile as the end result. However, Invisalign retainers are clear and nearly invisible to others, making them a far more appealing option for older adults. In addition to these “clear braces” being hard to notice, the process of straightening your teeth with Invisalign is also quicker, more comfortable, and more convenient. Here’s how it works!

Upon meeting with your family dentist to talk about the possibility of getting Invisalign retainers, we will take X-rays of your teeth in order to determine exactly what needs to be done. If you have an overbite, underbite, or crowded or gapped teeth, for example, we can customize your aligner trays to serve these unique needs. This customized series of teeth straightening trays will also include instructions for you to follow, as the first tray will be replaced with the next one once your teeth have made that micro-shift, and so on and so forth, until you have reached the end result after 15 months.

You might be wondering how you’d manage to eat and drink with a clear plastic retainer in your mouth at all times, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they are removable. Before sitting down to eat, be sure to take your retainer out, as it is not meant to be kept in your mouth as you chew. Be careful though — two of the main drawbacks of Invisalign are the temptation to take it out too often and the tendency for people to forget to put it back in after eating.


Invisalign sounds pretty great, right? As previously mentioned, part of the reason why so many adults love Invisalign is the fact that they are nearly invisible to others. The last thing working or otherwise busy adults need is to have the stereotypes associated with braces interfering with their daily lives. After all, the motive behind getting braces is to obtain a beautiful smile you can feel good about, so it’s only natural that you wouldn’t want people staring at obvious metal brackets on your teeth. With Invisalign, not only will be happy with your teeth after the work is done, but you also won’t hesitate to smile along the way!

Another thing that makes Invisalign a great alternative for adults is the fact that they are far more comfortable to wear than traditional braces. As professionals in family dentistry, we’ll be the first to say that braces aren’t always painless; in fact, they can cause a great deal of discomfort at first. With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about dealing with noticeable metal brackets that rub against the inside of your cheeks and cause irritation. Invisalign retainers are so thin and snug that you’ll hardly notice they’re there!

Not only that, but any discomfort you feel with Invisalign will only occur for a day or so after you move on to each new retainer, which is a much smaller micro-adjustment that happens every two weeks. Compared to traditional braces, where you must visit your dental office to have your wires manually tightened every six to eight months, the micro-adjustments of Invisalign retainers are far easier to acclimate to. When worn diligently for 22 hours a day, seven days a week, Invisalign will leave you with perfectly straight teeth in just 15 months, as opposed to the somewhat unpredictable commitment of braces, which lasts anywhere from 18 months to over two years.


If you are an adult who needs braces and you don’t want to deal with obvious, sometimes irritating metal brackets, Invisalign is for you! There has never been an easier, more discrete way for adults to transform their crooked teeth into a stunning, youthful smile. All you have to do is schedule a consultation with your Ottawa dentist, let them set you up with a set of customized retainers, and wear them as instructed. The 15 months will fly by and you’ll have a perfect smile in no time!

Our dentists at Trillium Dental in Ottawa have provided many adults with customized Invisalign retainers that serve their unique needs and give them the smile they’ve always dreamed of. And the best part is that we can help you, too! Simply request an appointment on our website or give us a call today.


Most people wish they had straighter teeth but can’t stand the thought of having to wear braces. 20 years ago, this would have been your only choice if you really wanted straight teeth, but fortunately, dental technology has come a long way since then. What if we told you that getting beautiful, straight teeth was as easy as slipping in a clear retainer? That’s the beauty of Invisalign®!

At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, we are pleased to offer Invisalign as a comfortable and subtle alternative to traditional braces — an opportunity many people take advantage of to straighten their teeth during adulthood. Our dentists and dental hygienists are big proponents of choosing Invisalign over braces, and many of them have used this teeth straightening method themselves. That being said, here are some reasons why we recommend that you choose Invisalign over braces!


One of the main reasons why so many adults choose Invisalign over braces is because they are much more subtle, leading them to feel less self-conscious in social situations. It’s understandable that people with braces would feel uncomfortable talking to their friends, colleagues, and even strangers when all others can seem to focus on is the metal brackets lining their teeth. Anyone who has had braces will tell you that it is not uncommon to have food stuck in your braces without even noticing, which can land you in an awkward situation when people stare.

As the name indicates, Invisalign offers a practical solution to this, as the clear retainers (also referred to as “clear braces”) are much more inconspicuous. Though not all adults mind the appearance of braces, most prefer a more subtle alternative like Invisalign so they feel more comfortable going about their daily tasks as normal. Odds are, you’ve spoken to several adults who have Invisalign retainers and didn’t even notice!


Another major benefit of Invisalign retainers is that they are much more comfortable to wear than braces — they won’t cut your cheeks, irritate your gums, or get jammed up with food. Unlike braces, which are often painful (especially after being tightened), Invisalign retainers fit snugly on your teeth without digging into your gums and can be removed at any time. Though we do not recommend removing your Invisalign retainers for anything other than eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth, you at least have the ability to do so if and when needed.


More often than not, patients who choose Invisalign over braces complete the teeth straightening treatment in less time — 15 months, to be exact. Of course, this depends on how diligent you are about wearing your retainers, and if you only remove them for the reasons mentioned above, you should have straight teeth in just over a year. Braces, on the other hand, are much more unpredictable in terms of treatment duration — in fact, some people end up wearing braces for more than two years.


We hope that this blog post has given you a better idea of why Invisalign has become such a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment and why so many adults are opting for clear braces. Ready to schedule your consultation? Visit Trillium Dental in Ottawa today, or schedule your dental appointment online!


Invisalign® is one of the most groundbreaking technological advancements we have seen in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, as it provides a far more convenient and comfortable alternative to braces. Not only is Invisalign less inhibiting for patients...

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As adults who have undergone teeth straightening procedures ourselves, our dentists and periodontists at Trillium Dental in Ottawa know just how difficult it can be to pursue braces as an adult. There are many reasons why this is so, and we’ve heard them all time and...

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For some dental patients, adjusting to Invisalign isn’t easy. After all, you’ve just committed to wearing a set of clear plastic retainers in your mouth 22 hours per day for at least 15 weeks. While Invisalign is largely favored over other teeth straightening methods like traditional braces, the trays can still be uncomfortable for some people. At Trillium Dental in Ottawa, our dentists do everything they can to ensure that our patients have a positive experience with their clear braces. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to Invisalign!


Though adjusting to new Invisalign trays usually isn’t as uncomfortable as having your braces tightened, it can still cause discomfort for some patients. When you begin your Invisalign treatment, you’ll receive a set of clear aligner trays to begin with, then you’ll switch to the next set in the progression every two weeks moving forward. This will take a little getting used to; however, most tooth achiness usually occurs within the first 24 hours of switching retainers.

If you experience achiness when you switch out your “invisible braces,” anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve), can help. Taking an anti-inflammatory an hour or so before you switch out your Invisalign trays will reduce soreness for the time being, allowing your mouth to adjust to the new Invisalign tray. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle (do not exceed 6 ibuprofen tablets in 24 hours), and make sure you eat something when you take anti-inflammatory medications.


Another handy trick to keep in mind is switching your Invisalign® retainers at night, ideally an hour or so after you’ve taken an anti-inflammatory.This gives your teeth a chance to adjust into the tightness of the new retainers while you sleep, so you don’t feel any soreness throughout the night. If you wake up with some discomfort, simply take another anti-inflammatory with your morning breakfast to ease the pain as you start your day.

Switching your retainers at night also allows your body to take a break from the anti-inflammatory medications, which aren’t great for your liver if they are used on a regular basis. When you switch your clear braces during the day, you’ll experience more discomfort than you do when you sleep, so you might be tempted to take anti-inflammatory meds all day long. Instead, wait until your last meal of the day to take an anti-inflammatory, and you might not need to take another one the next day.


In addition to switching your retainers at night and taking anti-inflammatory medications as needed, you might want to watch what you eat for the first 24 hours or so after you put in your new Invisalign trays. Try to avoid hard, crunchy foods if your teeth are sore, and opt for oatmeal, apple sauce, yogurt, pasta, and other soft foods instead. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it’s certainly not the best thing for sensitive teeth!

It is important to note that you should never wear your Invisalign retainers when you eat, and that you should brush your teeth thoroughly before putting them back in, if possible. One of the main benefits of “invisible braces” is that you can take them out when you eat, drink, and brush your teeth, rather than having to pick food particles out of the crevices between metal braces. So, be sure to take advantage of these little breaks throughout the day — just don’t forget to put them back in!


If you’re really uncomfortable after switching out your clear retainers (or you just put in your first set), try a cold compress. Get an ice pack that can mold to your face (gel ice packs work great for this), and place it on your cheek. The cold will numb your jaw and provide relief for your sore teeth, soothing them as they adjust into their new position.

Don’t feel like you need to go to the store or spend money on an expensive ice pack — a bag of frozen peas will work just fine. Wrap it in a thin cloth so the cold isn’t so harsh, and gently hold it on the sore area for 10-20 minutes at a time. Ideally, this will help the pain subside, and you’ll only have to use a cold compress for a day or two after you switch Invisalign trays.


Looking for more tips to help you adjust to your new Invisalign trays? Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts about Invisalign, and feel free to reach out to our dentists at any time for more information. We’d be more than happy to set up an Invisalign consultation and discuss whether this orthodontic treatment would be right for you!