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Issue with APPLE DEVICES ONLY. You are able to rate with stars but after that there is no option to leave a review or write comments of your experience.
I tested my phone which is Android and it worked.

Covid Screening Form

Multiple patient complaints that the covid prescreening links are not working, cannot submit or answers are N/A for choices

Covid Screening

A few patients have mentioned the same glitch with the Covid Screening Form form (see attached).
Strangely I tested it myself by completing a screening form. One from computer at work and one from my cell both displayed correctly.
The patient that provided attachment was doing the form from her laptop connected to a control block at work.
I gather each cell of the form would have to be tested through different platforms to ensure it is working properly.
Sorry to always be bringing things forward but just hoping to help in having things run as smoothly as possible. Patients already HATE the form thing so having it work would be a plus lolol.

Screening Form Online

HI there,
I have received an email from a patient this morning regarding the options/answers on the screening form online which i have attached for review.