If you’ve ever heard a dentist or another medical professional use the term neuromuscular dentistry, you may have wondered what exactly neuromuscular dentistry is.

Essentially, neuromuscular dentistry is concerned with treating problems like bruxism and TMJ-dysfunction. In both cases, patients may experience painful symptoms like frequent headaches, neck and facial pain, popping or cracking of the jaw, ringing ears, or numbness in the fingertips.

At Trillium Dental, our doctors can provide effective relief for painful symptoms through neuromuscular dentistry.

Treatment starts with identifying the patient’s ideal alignment. We do this by relaxing facial muscles with our TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) unit, an experience which many patients enjoy as it also relieve painful symptoms. Once we’ve determined your ideal alignment, we can begin taking measurements for your custom made orthotic. An orthotic is a special mouthpiece that is made by our lab and corrects alignment, bringing long-term relief to symptoms.

Do you have trouble with either bruxism or TMJ-dysfunction? Don’t put off treatment any longer.